Somago Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
Somago Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

Key Takeaways

  • Somago combines elegance with robust construction.
  • The brand boasts modern security features, like TSA locks.
  • They offer luggage in diverse sizes for varied travel needs.
  • Positive feedback highlights the brand’s dependable and fashionable designs.
  • The higher price reflects quality but warrants consideration

When considering new luggage, the vast array of choices can be daunting. In this Somago luggage review, we’ll unpack what sets this brand apart. From its sleek designs to robust materials and innovative features, we dive into what makes Somago a top pick for many travelers. Whether you’re a style maven or a durability devotee, let’s see if Somago checks your boxes.

Pros: What I Like About Somago

  • Chic and Elegant: Somago’s designs combine sophistication with functionality, turning every trip into a style statement.
  • Reliable and Durable: Crafted with top-notch materials, Somago ensures longevity even through rigorous travels.
  • Rolling with Ease: Multidirectional spinner wheels promise a smooth journey, even in bustling airports.
  • Safe and Secure: Many models are equipped with TSA-approved locks, giving travelers peace of mind.
  • Packing Made Simple: With varying sizes and thoughtful interiors, packing becomes an organized dream.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • Steep Pricing: Quality comes at a cost, but some find Somago’s price tags too high.
  • Heft and Weight: Some of their luggage can be weightier, which might be a concern with airline weight limits.
  • Color Choices: While their colors exude class, those seeking vibrant hues might be left wanting.
  • Zipper Glitches: Zipper troubles have been mentioned, signaling possible durability issues.
  • Size and Bulk: The larger pieces, while spacious, could challenge specific airline size regulations.

Is Somago A Good Luggage Brand?

When making a style statement on the go, Somago often takes center stage. Their suitcases are a beautiful blend of class and durability, capturing the attention of fashion-forward travelers. Though its chic designs and robust materials position it as a top pick, it’s also known for offering ample storage and coveted security features like TSA locks.

However, every rose has its thorn. Some folks might wonder about the brand’s heftier price tag or slightly heavier weight. But here’s the thing: most Somago’s patrons see it as a quality investment, nodding to the brand’s dedication to high-end materials and innovative features like expandable designs and spinner wheels.

Diving into the digital realm, Somago’s footprint is easy to notice. Glowing reviews from satisfied customers paint a pretty convincing picture. But, like any fashion choice, the “perfect” luggage is subjective. If a blend of runway-ready designs and travel-ready durability is what you’re after, Somago might be your next travel buddy.

Somago Brand History

Somago has emerged as a sought-after choice for the style-conscious traveler. Renowned for marrying durability with refined aesthetics, the brand harnesses robust materials such as polycarbonate and ABS. Their penchant for innovation is evident, with features like TSA-approved locks becoming a hallmark.

Widespread acclaim resonates with their commitment to marrying fashion and function. With a diverse range of sizes and sets, Somago ensures every traveler finds a reliable and sophisticated partner.

Key Facts About Somago Luggage

  • Somago boasts a diverse product range, accommodating travelers with sizes from nifty 18-inch carry-ons to spacious 28-inch suitcases.
  • Prioritizing durability, Somago harnesses robust materials like polycarbonate and ABS, known for their impact resistance.
  • Their dedication to innovation transforms travel, introducing full-fit designs that enhance luggage aesthetics and functionality.
  • Championing inclusivity, Somago’s unisex designs resonate with both men and women, showcasing versatility.
  • Steadfast in their reputation, glowing customer testimonials underscore Somago’s fusion of reliability, enduring quality, and chic appeal.


If I were to pack my thoughts into a suitcase, it’d be brimming with appreciation for Somago’s craftsmanship. Their use of high-quality materials isn’t just a claim; it’s a commitment. Every glide of their zippers, every touch of their hardside shell, assures me they’re in it for the long haul.

As a frequent traveler, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing my luggage can withstand the rough-and-tumble of travel adventures. The lightweight design of Somago doesn’t mean a compromise on durability. It’s resilient to scratches, impacts, and the occasional overzealous baggage handler, ensuring my belongings stay secure.

The rave reviews from other wanderlusters echo my sentiments. With every journey, it’s clear that Somago’s premium feel isn’t just skin-deep. It’s an investment in quality, a promise that every trip will be as seamless as the last.


When I look at Somago luggage, they’ve mastered the art of marrying form with function. Their elegant designs, ranging from chic rose gold to calming teal blue, don’t just echo current fashion trends; they resonate with a timeless charm.

This variety in their color choices effortlessly meets the aesthetic cravings of many a traveler, including myself.

Somago doesn’t stop at the surface. Their attention to detail, inside and out, speaks of a deep understanding of a traveler’s needs. For instance, the expandable design, a nod to functionality, ensures I’m well-equipped for adventures, trip after trip.

Plus, the fact that many of their designs cater to both men and women demonstrates a commendable versatility, making Somago my go-to for stylish yet practical travel gear.


Exploring the features of Somago luggage feels like a journey itself. They’ve been crafted for folks who crave elegance and efficiency like me. Those sleek TSA-approved locks aren’t just for show; they speak volumes about Somago’s dedication to keeping our treasured belongings under wraps.

With their graceful 360-degree glide, the spinner wheels turn navigating crowded terminals into an almost poetic experience.

Inside, it’s more than just storage—it’s strategic placement. With pockets, straps, and, on occasion, charming mini-cosmetic cases, organizing becomes an enjoyable ritual rather than a rushed task. And for someone guilty of over-packing, those expandable compartments are a lifesaver.

But what strikes a chord with me about Somago? Their intuitive grasp of what travelers genuinely need. The harmony of a lightweight structure paired with spacious interiors and designs that cater to the carry-on traveler showcases Somago’s commitment to our ever-evolving journey requirements.


Let’s keep it concise and straightforward.

Somago doesn’t just offer luggage; it provides peace of mind. Most of their pieces come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, ranging from 1 to 5 years. This isn’t just about covering manufacturing defects but also extends to issues from typical use.

From the reviews, their warranty isn’t merely a paper promise. Customers frequently commend the prompt response of their customer service on warranty-related issues. Sure, the terms might differ slightly depending on the product and region, but it’s reassuring to know that Somago stands confidently behind its products.


Looking through the sea of Somago luggage reviews, there’s a recurring theme that’s hard to ignore. Customers consistently celebrate the brand’s commitment to marrying durability with aesthetic appeal. You’ll spot high star ratings across online retailers, a nod to the luggage’s standout performance during frequent voyages.

The reviews tell a fuller story than mere looks. As pointed out by many, the real magic lies in the suite of features — the suitcase’s agile maneuverability, its well-thought-out design, and its reliability on all sorts of adventures. With a backdrop of numerous luggage brands, the positivity swirling around Somago suggests they’re a cut above the rest.


When discerning the price points of Somago luggage, specifics speak volumes. The Somago Carry-On Luggage 18-inch is tagged at around $120, firmly in the mid-range tier. Yet, delving into reviews, it’s clear that users find value beyond the price, attributing the cost to its impeccable quality and chic design.

For those eyeing a more comprehensive package, the Somago Luggage Sets, which comprises three pieces, is approximately $210. It’s more than just a price—it’s a testament to the brand’s dedication to offering style, resilience, and unmatched functionality in one fell swoop. The prevailing sentiment? Every dollar spent on Somago is a worthy investment for the seasoned traveler.

How Does Somago Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

Somago does stand out in the luggage game. Their classy design is a fresh contrast to brands that might focus on the basics. But, heads up, they’re a tad heavier—a concern for those of us counting every airline ounce.

Their color choices? Timeless. It’s more refined than those pop-out colors you see elsewhere. And people seem to love them—especially for their full-frame handle design innovation.

While they might lean a bit pricier, it feels worth it, especially with that reassuring 5-year warranty. It’s like getting style and peace of mind in one package.

Top-Rated Somago Luggage

Best OverallSomago 3 Piece Luggage SetJump to Review
Best ValueSomago 3 Piece Luggage Set with a Cosmetic CaseJump to Review
Best LightweightSomago Carry-On Hardside Lightweight 20-Inch Luggage Jump to Review
Most DurableSomago Carry-On Luggage Titanium GoldJump to Review
Best Carry-OnSomago 20-inch Carry On LuggageJump to Review
Best CheckedSomago 3 Pieces Hardside Luggage SetJump to Review
Best WeekenderSomago Carry-On Luggage 18-InchJump to Review

Best Overall:

Somago 3 Piece Luggage Set

Whenever I see the Somago Luggage Sets, especially in that vibrant Teal, I can’t help but think, “That’s a blend of class and convenience right there.” This 3-piece ensemble, boasting sizes of 14″, 20″, and 24″, captures both style and practicality. Among the seven available colors, Teal easily tops my list. And let’s talk about that 14″ cosmetic case—it’s not just beauty, it’s super functional too. With the added packing cubes, the promise of effortless organization shines through. Considering its quality, the spacious design, and the price tag? It’s an undeniable value.

Construction and Materials

Crafted from 100% polypropylene (PP), this set promises resilience against those all-too-familiar travel scars. It impresses me how they’ve managed to keep it light yet robust. The choice of YKK zippers is a nod to enduring quality. And from whispers in the travel community, this luggage set holds its own, even on the more adventurous trips.

Interior and Organization

Inside the main spinner suitcase, there’s a world of space. The organizational pockets and those nifty cross ribbons are a boon for someone like me who appreciates a place for everything. While sleek, the 14″ cosmetic case offers a practical solution for all those travel essentials.


Maneuvering this luggage feels almost poetic, thanks to those spinning wheels. The wear-resistant feet are a subtle yet thoughtful touch, ensuring longevity. Those ergonomic handles? They’re both sturdy and refined. The added perk of attaching the cosmetic case to the trolley? Genius. And for security, there’s the integrated TSA-approved lock—perfect for peace of mind.


The 5-year limited warranty speaks to Somago’s confidence in their craft. It’s comforting to know that potential manufacturing glitches have coverage, complete with a replacement guarantee.

In summing it up, the Somago Luggage Sets 3 Piece beautifully marries aesthetics and function. It’s crafted with attention to detail that enhances the travel experience, and based on the chatter, it resonates with many. This set might be the ideal companion for those who see travel as both an art and a necessity.

Best Value:

Somago 3 Piece Luggage Set with a Cosmetic Case

Whenever I encounter the Somago Luggage Sets, I’m instantly drawn to their elegant appearance. With a 3-piece set ranging from 20″ to the grand 28″, accompanied by a chic cosmetic case, the versatility is undeniable. Of the seven color options available, the white with brown accents truly speaks to me – it’s like having a stylish accessory for international travel. Beyond looking good, I’ve noticed these pieces hold their own at the airport, emerging unscathed from the hustle and bustle of plane journeys.

Construction and Materials

Diving into its build, the glossy polycarbonate PC material not only lends a sophisticated sheen but showcases this luggage’s durable, lightweight construction. I was impressed with the thoughtful addition of the four non-slip feet on the side, ensuring those minor scuffles and brushes don’t leave a lasting mark. And that YKK zipper? It’s more than just a fastener; it’s a promise of security, especially when we know how rough some trips can get.

Interior and Organization

Peeking inside, the quality of the interior is immediately evident. The full-zip divider, combined with those cross straps, transforms packing from a chore into an art. Every item has its place, ensuring organized packing becomes second nature. And for those tiny essentials? The 14″ cosmetic case stands ready, promising travelers an efficient storage solution.


As someone who values effortless mobility, I can’t help but appreciate those 360-degree silent spinner wheels. They glide on air, making the hustle of crowded airports seem like a breeze. The adjustable 3-step aluminum handle and the top and side handles ensure lifting and maneuvering remain hassle-free. For those conscious about security (aren’t we all?), the TSA lock on the 20″ carry-on is a godsend. Let’s not forget the expandable feature on the 24″ suitcase because sometimes, we all need that little extra space.


With a 5-year limited warranty backing it, this luggage set is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in seamless travel experiences. Overall, the Somago Luggage Sets seem to masterfully blend style with function, resonating especially with travelers who yearn to balance lightweight luggage construction and elegant design.

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Best Lightweight:

Somago Carry-On Hardside Lightweight 20-Inch Luggage

First impressions count, and this Somago carry-on doesn’t disappoint. Boasting a clam shell design with a 3-D diamond waffle pattern, it merges elegance and durability. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it’s also designed to fit in most overhead bins, making your airplane travel hassle-free.

Construction and Materials
When it comes to construction, this suitcase excels. Made from 100% ABS hard shell, it’s both sturdy and lightweight. Plus, its diamond-pattern surface is not just eye-catching but also functional, reducing the appearance of scratches and scuffs.

Interior and Organization
Inside, it’s a marvel of organization. The case comes with a full-zip interior divider and cross straps, which are perfect for keeping your clothes and accessories neatly in place. In addition, it offers ample storage, including a separate duffle bag and toiletry bag.

This suitcase isn’t just a pretty face; its features pack a punch. You’ll glide effortlessly thanks to its four double 360° silent spinner wheels. Adding to your peace of mind are the built-in TSA lock and premium YKK zippers.

All of these premium details are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It’s clear that this carry-on piece from Somago offers a great blend of style, function, and peace of mind.

Most Durable:

Somago Carry-On Luggage Titanium Gold

When I first saw the Somago Carry-On Luggage, its chic Titanium Gold shade immediately struck a chord. Weighing just 8 pounds, this 20-inch luggage doesn’t just scream style but embodies functionality. Primarily created as a hardside spinner, I can already picture myself whisking it away on business trips, holidays, or spontaneous weekend adventures. And that protective PC hard shell with a scratch-resistant finish? It’s like the perfect armor for the modern traveler’s stylish suitcase.

Construction and Materials

Peeling back the layers, the luggage’s lightweight yet steadfast design truly resonates with me. Its combination of an aluminum frame with a polycarbonate body ensures whatever I pack stays safeguarded. The three-layer composite shell, combined with those resilient corner rivets made of aluminum alloy, speaks volumes about its readiness to brave the often tumultuous airport scenes.

Interior and Organization

The interior is where this luggage truly shines for me. It’s spacious enough to house all my essentials without feeling like an abyss. The removable toiletry storage organizer? Think of it as your personal packing assistant, specially tailored for travel. Combine that with a snap-strap clothing holder and a high-quality, luxuriously soft lining, and I’m sold. Organizing my belongings has always felt more intuitive.


Navigating through packed terminals is a breeze, thanks to those double-spinner wheels. They allow such effortless movement, making me wonder how I managed without them. And security? They’ve got that covered, too, with dual TSA-approved latch locks. The 3-step aluminum handle, robust yet not weighty, along with those supplementary handles, is just the cherry on top for ease of handling.


Rounding it all off with a 5-year guarantee, it’s evident Somago isn’t playing around. They’re here to blend form with function and back it up confidently. Look no further if you’re scouting for a suitcase that seamlessly merges style with durability.

Best Carry-On:

Somago 20-inch Carry On Luggage

I’ve got to admit, when I first laid eyes on Somago’s 2-piece set – that 14″ cosmetic case paired with the 20″ carry-on – I was instantly drawn to its Creamy White hue. It has this elegant, rich color vibe that feels upscale yet approachable. If you’re anything like me and appreciate style and value, this set might answer your weekend getaway needs.

Construction and Materials

Here’s the thing: When you’re traveling, durability is key. And this set? It’s crafted from a sturdy 100% polypropylene that boasts a scratch-resistant finish. Oh, and those YKK zippers? Trust me, they’re the real deal regarding strength and smoothness. This set has been a trooper through rough terrains, plane rides, and occasional accidental drops.

Interior and Organization

Diving into the insides, Somago thought of the traveler’s needs. The space is well-organized, complete with pockets and dividers that make packing less of a chore. And if you’re wondering about capacity, I fit a week’s worth of outfits in that 20-inch suitcase. With its sizable space, the cosmetic bag is just icing on the cake for minor tidbits.


If you’ve ever found yourself dashing through terminals or zig-zagging around fellow travelers, you’ll value this set’s smooth 360° spinner wheels. They offer such effortless mobility. Plus, with the built-in TSA lock, a sense of security is pretty much a non-negotiable for me these days.


Lastly, Somago’s got our backs with a 5-year limited warranty. They say, “Hey, we believe in our product and are here for you.” And that? That’s a win in my book.

Best Checked:

Somago 3 Pieces Hardside Luggage Set

First, let me paint a picture for you: three suitcases, sizes 20″, 24″, and 28″, available in three chic color options, each punctuated with contrasting accents on the zipper, handle, and wheels. Now, add a weekender bag with a toiletry bag to this ensemble.

Trust me, this set doesn’t just look expensive, it screams sophistication. I took them for a spin on a 5-day trip, and not only were they a functional companion, but they also turned heads. Oh, and that moment of spotting your luggage on a carousel? With this design, it’s as easy as pie.

Construction and Materials

Somago has constructed these beauties using a three-layer ABS material, providing an impact-resistant hard shell design. This attention to detail and dedication to durability has made these pieces withstand the rigors of travel.

Interior and Organization

Inside, it’s like opening a book of organized magic. Two sizable compartments invite double-sided packing, while the full zipped divider pocket and mesh pocket for documents keep everything in check. Those times when your clothes want to go on a wild ride? The garment restraint strap ensures your belongings stay put.


Navigating through crowded airports or those cobbled European streets is a breeze, thanks to those silent 360° spinner wheels. They come with the bonus of soft rubber and lubricating balls, ensuring smooth turns and glides. The telescopic handle feels comfortable, and the TSA combination lock gives that extra layer of security I value. And when it’s time to store them away? These suitcases are stackable and perfectly fit under a bed, saving space and making storage a dream.


Here’s something to sweeten the deal: Somago’s 5-year guarantee replacement service. Knowing they’ve put these through rigorous quality control tests – from drop loading to zipper tests – adds another layer of confidence in their commitment.

Best Weekender:

Somago Carry-On Luggage 18-Inch

One look at the Somago 18-inch spinner, and I knew this luggage was pushing design boundaries. Weighing only 7 pounds, it’s designed for those quick 1-3 day getaways or even a short international trip. Its sleek design caught my attention, but the promise of high-quality construction had me nodding in approval.

Construction and Materials

So, what’s it made of? It’s crafted from a top-notch polycarbonate material resilient to the usual travel bumps and scratches. The decision to go lightweight without compromising on strength is evident. And that frame-wide handle? It’s a unique design aimed to add more packing space by placing the holds on the edges of the frame. The latches and robust aluminum center frame give it a solid feel.

Interior and Organization

Inside, it’s more than I hoped for. The clever clips ensure my clothes don’t play musical chairs during the flight. Plus, there’s a cozy nook for my 15″ laptop and pockets galore for essentials. It’s deceptively spacious, balancing compact design and ample storage space.


The dual TSA lock gives a nice nod to security, something I always appreciate. And the wheels? They offer smooth, 360-degree movement that makes zipping through terminals a breeze. That adjustable handle is just the cherry on top.


With a 5-year guarantee, Somago makes it clear they stand by their product. Their dedication to customer service, whether for a weekend escapade or an overseas adventure, is reassuring.

The Somago 18-inch Hardside Spinner feels like a well-thought-out piece of luggage. It’s practical, looks great, and seems ready for many adventures.

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Wrap Up: Somago Luggage Review

As we wrap up our exploration into Somago luggage, it’s evident that this brand melds style with substance, offering travelers elegant designs backed by robust materials. The presence of innovative features, positive customer feedback, and a broad variety cater to a diverse audience. Whether prioritizing aesthetics or durability, Somago seems poised to serve many travelers’ needs.

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