Lucas Suitcase Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
Lucas Suitcase Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

Key Takeaways

  • Lucas Luggage offers budget-friendly options ideal for infrequent travelers.
  • The brand balances functional design with a variety of stylish choices.
  • While Lucas is lightweight and affordable, it might not match the durability of premium brands.
  • Customer feedback is mixed, with many praising its value for money, yet some raise concerns about longevity.
  • Compared to competitors, Lucas sits on the higher end of budget-friendly luggage, with a few areas for potential improvement.

In the vast landscape of travel gear, the right luggage is paramount. Our Lucas Luggage review dives into the brand’s offerings and how they measure up. From its affordable yet fashionable designs like the Lucas Designer Luggage Collection to comparisons with heavyweights like Samsonite and Tumi, we provide a concise overview to guide your next luggage choice.

Pros: What I Like About Lucas Suitcase

  • Affordability: Lucas provides cost-effective luggage options suitable for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Lightweight Design: Many Lucas models are notably lightweight, simplifying adherence to airline weight restrictions and enhancing maneuverability.
  • Expandable Zippers: This feature allows for increased packing capacity, especially beneficial for over-packers.
  • Variety in Designs: Lucas offers a broad range of stylish designs, patterns, and sizes to cater to varied traveler needs.
  • Functional Features: Noteworthy elements like spinner wheels, ergonomic handles, and multiple pockets cater to the convenience of travelers.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • Durability Concerns: Lucas suitcases, made of more affordable materials, may have a limited lifespan compared to premium brands, particularly for frequent travelers.
  • Limited Warranty: The warranty predominantly covers manufacturer defects, and terms can be somewhat vague, potentially leading to added repair costs.
  • Absence of TSA Locks: Many models lack the security of TSA-approved locks, which can be concerning for some travelers.
  • Zippers’ Vulnerability: Issues have been reported regarding the durability and functionality of the zippers.

Is Lucas Luggage A Good Brand?

Looking for affordable luggage? Lucas is in the spotlight. Their lightweight designs are perfect for dodging those pesky airline weight limits.

I’ve dived into luggage reviews, and Lucas seems to get a lot of love. They offer a wide range of stylish options, ideal for those international travel adventures. While their fabric suitcases are quite the catch, they might be best for those occasional trips.

Lucas is big on practicality. They’ve got the basics covered. However, if you’re all about the fancy TSA locks, you might need to shop around. All in all, for a casual traveler or someone not always in the air, Lucas offers value. But if you’re a frequent flyer? It might be worth exploring other brands too

Lucas Brand History

Behind the affordable and stylish Lucas suitcases is a brand powerhouse: 24/7 International LLC. Established in 2005 and based in Pine Brook, New Jersey, they’re more than just Lucas. They oversee several reputable luggage brands, including Andiamo and Ciao, and Steve Madden. Their expertise lies in design, leaving the manufacturing to skilled hands overseas.

Lucas Luggage has made its mark by offering both softshell and hardshell options, all aimed at being lightweight and functional. Their knack for blending affordability with quality has won them a loyal customer base. When you experience their products, it’s evident they’ve mastered the art of delivering value.

While Lucas doesn’t have its own dedicated website, their business strategy leans heavily into B2B operations. This means their creations are primarily sold through established platforms like Amazon and Walmart. For anyone seeking that perfect balance of cost and durability in luggage, Lucas is a name that frequently comes to mind.

 Key Facts About Lucas Luggage

  • Lucas Luggage offers carry-ons, checked bags, and spinners.
  • Their bags are known for being notably lightweight.
  • Lucas suitcases are budget-friendly, priced between $60 and $250.
  • Designs range from sleek and professional to colorful patterns.
  • Their warranty covers manufacturing defects, not typical wear or airline damage.


When I first came across Lucas Luggage, I was genuinely impressed by their reputation among those hunting for affordable luggage brands. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a suitcase that’s light as a feather yet easy on the wallet? However, it’s essential to note that materials like ABS and polyester, while cost-effective, might not hold up as long as the materials in those super pricey brands.

I’ve heard a mix of things from travelers – some find the zippers a tad stubborn, and others mention the handles feeling less than sturdy. Yet, I’ve also heard a lot of love for those spinner wheels, which apparently glide like a dream. The hard-sided options, particularly the ones like the Treadlite series, seem to get a lot of love for their resilience and weight.

If you ask me, for someone who’s not constantly jet-setting, Lucas offers a solid range of suitcases that won’t empty your pockets. Just keep in mind that while they’re good, they might not be the marathon runners of the luggage world, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.

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Lucas luggage, for its part, seems to grasp that design is subjective. Some folks adore the simplicity; it’s like the dependable friend you can always count on. Meanwhile, others might be swept away by standout models like the Ultra Lightweight collection, which packs a punch with vibrant patterns.

I’ve often heard that it’s the little things that matter. With Lucas, it’s the ergonomic design, comfortable grips, and that nimble feel when you’re darting to your gate. And while they might not have the glitz of luxury brands, there’s something refreshing about their functional, yet stylish approach.

Whether you’re a business traveler or just out for a weekend getaway, Lucas has your back. From the practicality of their hard shell suitcases to the playful flair of their softshells, there’s something for every taste. And personally, I’ve got a soft spot for the Outlander series; it’s sleek and feels just right for the modern traveler.


Upon my exploration of Lucas luggage, I’ve found a profound appreciation for their thoughtful simplicity. Every lightweight suitcase, equipped with efficient double spinner wheels, feels like a testament to a traveler’s genuine needs. I especially value the exterior and mesh pockets; the expandable zippers show me they’ve truly considered a traveler’s evolving journey.

Their features resonate with me. The expandable capacity speaks to unexpected souvenirs and last-minute packing, while the telescopic handle offers a comfortable grip that shows they’ve thought of everything.

While Lucas might not have every high-end bell and whistle, I’ve come to realize it’s not about having it all—it’s about having what truly matters. Their designs echo this sentiment, making Lucas a heartfelt choice for any traveler.


Lucas luggage typically offers a 3-5 year limited warranty, focusing on manufacturing defects. While I’ve noted some users yearn for broader coverage, especially against airline mishaps, it aligns with their ethos of quality luggage at an affordable price range.

However, it’s prudent for potential buyers to familiarize themselves with the warranty terms for optimal customer satisfaction.


Lucas luggage holds its own as a notable name in affordable travel gear. Diving deep into customer reviews, there’s a clear pattern: models often boast ratings of 4.6 stars or more. Many, including myself, frequently praise the brand for crafting some of the lightest suitcases tailored for semi-frequent travelers.

Their offerings don’t just stop at functionality. Lucas seamlessly blends practical expandable spinners with stunning prints, presenting travelers with a beautiful fusion of style and utility. But perfection is elusive; some leisure travelers point to zipper issues, though they seem to be in the minority.

Still, the overarching sentiment is positive. Spacious compartments, a spectrum of color choices, and their reputation for quality all solidify Lucas luggage as a favored choice for many journeying enthusiasts.


Lucas luggage is a beacon in the realm of affordable suitcases. Offering softside and hardside options at prices that don’t hurt the wallet, they have found a sweet spot between cost and functionality. For someone like me, appreciating balance, Lucas delivers.

Despite being in the affordable brand category, Lucas doesn’t compromise much. They’ve harnessed cheaper materials and an efficient manufacturing process to offer diverse sizes and designs. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality.

Their luggage sets, priced between $180-$250, are a boon for travelers seeking value. It’s a commendable feat, positioning Lucas as a go-to for many who want style without the hefty price tag.

How Does Lucas Suitcase Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

Lucas Luggage is lauded for its affordability and variety in designs, including the distinct Lucas Outlander series. While it offers lightweight materials like ABS plastic, brands such as Samsonite or Tumi emphasize durability with higher-end materials.

Lucas covers the essentials in features; however, it’s outshined by premium brands like Travelpro that include advanced elements like TSA locks.

Design-wise, Lucas presents fashionable choices, but might seem limited next to design-centric brands like Rimowa.

Finally, while Lucas offers reasonable warranties and services, it’s outpaced by luxury brands’ comprehensive support. In sum, Lucas suits budget travelers, but those seeking longevity or luxe features might gravitate to other brands.

Top-Rated Lucas Suitcases

Best OverallLucas Designer Collection: 3 Piece Softside Suitcase SetJump to Review
Best ValueLucas Designer Luggage Collection’s Diva EditionJump to Review
Best LightweightLucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On 20 InchJump to Review
Most DurableLucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase SetJump to Review
Best Carry-OnLucas Designer 22 Inch Duffel BagJump to Review
Best CheckedLucas Treadlight 24 Inch Carry On LuggageJump to Review
Best UnderseaterLucas 16 Inch Under Seat BagJump to Review

Best Overall:

Lucas Designer Collection: 3 Piece Softside Suitcase Set

When I first laid eyes on the Lucas Designer Luggage Collection, the Old Navy School color immediately stood out. This vibrant blue shade offers a fresh take on luggage design. With sizes like 20″, 24″, and 28″, it seems to cater to various travel needs, and I appreciate its lightweight and expandable nature.

Perfect for both quick getaways and extended trips, I can see why it offers value for its price—especially for travelers looking for a blend of style and efficiency.

Construction and Materials
What strikes me about this collection is its attention to durability. Inside, there’s a tough polyester fabric lining that should hold up over time. The stability of the suitcase itself suggests careful consideration in its design.

The aluminum handles, known for strength and lightness, certainly add to the suitcase’s appeal. The spinner wheels, crafted from quality PU material, seem designed for easy movement. Their wide placement on the suitcase ensures better balance, which I believe most travelers would appreciate.

Interior and Organization
Opening up these suitcases, there’s an evident spaciousness. Beyond the main storage, the expansion zippers are a thoughtful addition for those times when we shop a bit too much on vacation.

The built-in pockets and compartments are a boon. I can see how they’d make organizing easier, ensuring each item has its place and is readily accessible.

Lucas Luggage seems to prioritize user comfort. The ergonomic handle design feels like it would be easy on the hands, making maneuvering through crowded airports less of a hassle. The 4-directional spinner wheels add to this ease, promising fluid movement in any direction.

And while practicality is key, I can’t help but nod in approval at the collection’s stylish design. It’s clear that it’s meant for travelers who don’t want to compromise on looks.

The inclusion of a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty speaks of Lucas Luggage’s confidence in this collection. They stand behind their product, and the warranty covers repairs or replacements if needed.

In wrapping up, the Lucas Designer Luggage Collection feels like a blend of function and flair. For those, like me, who seek both practicality and a dash of style in their travel gear, this collection might just hit the mark.

Best Value:

Lucas Designer Luggage Collection’s Diva Edition

Whenever I think of standout luggage, the Lucas Designer Luggage Collection’s Diva Edition comes to mind. Its “Diva” pattern is captivating and so different from the sea of monotone bags you typically see.

This unique look must get you plenty of compliments at the airport.

Comprising a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch, and a 28-inch suitcase, this set appears ideal for both short trips and longer excursions. Their lightweight and expandable features make them seem perfect for the frequent traveler.

Construction and Materials
The polyester exterior speaks volumes about durability. The suitcase’s unique platform design adds to my confidence in its stability during travels. On the inside, the high-quality polyester lining feels safe and secure for personal items. An additional feature that catches my attention is the wide wheel positioning, offering stability so that your luggage won’t tip over.

Interior and Organization
The interior space is genuinely generous. Its expandable nature ensures that a little extra shopping on trips won’t be a problem. The large zip pocket on the inside lid, to me, looks like a haven for organizing essentials or keeping some items separate. Orderly travelers would undoubtedly appreciate such thoughtful details.

The ergonomic handle seems perfect for those long transits. I’ love that it has a 8-spinner wheel system, ensuring swift, 360-degree movement. For those always on the move, these features, combined with its unique style, elevate its appeal.

With a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, Lucas clearly stands by its product. Knowing that repairs or replacements are just a call away is always a comforting thought.

In wrapping up, the Diva Edition by Lucas feels like a blend of style, practicality, and affordability. For travelers who are on the lookout for a set that makes a statement and serves its purpose, this collection seems like a worthy contender.

Best Lightweight:

Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On 20 Inch

Every so often, a piece of luggage catches the eye, and for me, the Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On in Royal Blue is such a piece. Not only does its vibrant color make it stand out, but at a mere 5.8 pounds for a 20-inch bag, it’s hard not to appreciate its lightweight design. This is the kind of luggage I’d imagine gliding effortlessly through terminals, both domestically and internationally. It’s easy to visualize it fitting snugly in those overhead compartments, making the boarding process a breeze.

Construction and Materials
Crafted from polyester fabric, the exterior seems built to last, and perhaps more importantly, easy to clean after those inevitable travel scuffs. The unique base structure it boasts adds an extra layer of assurance in its strength and stability. The balance of durable yet lightweight materials is a testament to Lucas’ commitment to quality.

Interior and Organization
Inside, the storage capacity is surprisingly roomy, offering approximately 36 liters. For those who tend to overpack just a bit (like myself), knowing it can expand to 40 liters is a relief. With sturdy zippers, multiple compartments, and pockets, organizing a variety of travel essentials appears effortless. The interior straps? A boon for those wanting to keep their belongings securely in place during transit.

One can’t help but appreciate the expandable design, ensuring that extra space is there when you need it. With 8-spinner wheels promising smooth 360° movement and an ergonomic handle, navigating crowded airports or unfamiliar city streets seems like less of a hassle.

With Lucas offering a limited 5-year manufacturer warranty, it’s evident that they believe in this product. Their ‘Trusted Companion Promise’ further reinforces that belief, ensuring that any manufacturer defects will be dealt with promptly.

In sum, the Lucas Ultra Lightweight Carry On feels like a perfect blend of style, practicality, and affordability. It’s a piece that resonates with those who are frequent travelers and are seeking both functionality and a dash of panache in their luggage choice.

Most Durable:

Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase Set

When looking at the Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece set, I can’t help but be drawn to the vibrant purple hue. This standout color combined with the 20″, 24″, and 28″ sizes truly seems to offer a mix of fashion and function. The value proposition at its price point is indeed enticing.

Construction and Materials
The construction showcases a blend of lightweight and expandable design. I appreciate the use of a composite polycarbonate shell, merging ABS with PC Film, which promises durability. The scratch-resistant texture on the hard side shell? A noteworthy touch for travelers hoping for longevity.

Interior and Organization
Peeking inside, the organization scheme feels well thought out. With its high-quality polyester fabric lining, there’s an element of luxury. The addition of organizational pockets, down straps, and a zippered divider gives me the impression that everything would have its rightful place. And for those times when just a little more is needed, that expandable feature might be a lifesaver.

The 4-spinner wheel system promises fluid movement, something I believe many travelers would value. When paired with the aircraft-grade aluminum handles, it hints at a suitcase designed for ease of use. While the directional spinner wheels seem par for the course, the absence of TSA-approved locks does make me wishful.

Knowing there’s a 5-year manufacturer warranty gives a sense of security. The ‘Trusted Companion Promise’ reinforces the idea that Lucas genuinely backs their products.

In wrapping up, the Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Set appears to cater to travelers keen on merging style with utility. If value is on one’s radar, this set might be worth a closer look.

Best Carry-On:

Lucas Designer 22 Inch Duffel Bag

At first glance, the Lucas Lightweight Pattern 22 Inch Duffel Bag caught my eye as a chic travel companion. With its softside design, the flexibility it offers is something I genuinely appreciate, especially when squeezing into those tight overhead bins or car trunks.

And weighing in at just 4 pounds? That’s a win.

The choice of 15 vibrant print patterns, especially that whimsical flamingo design, adds a splash of fun to the mix. For those quick weekend getaways or trips to the gym, it seems like a fashionable yet functional choice.

Construction and Materials
Delving into its craftsmanship, the bag boasts lightweight and durable materials, ideal for those on-the-move moments. The softside construction, besides its aesthetic appeal, could be a storage dream. The inner lining, made from a high-quality and safe polyester fabric, evokes a feeling of trust in the brand’s commitment to safety and quality.

Interior and Organization
Peering inside, the spaciousness of the duffel is undeniable. However, I can’t help but wonder if the lack of inner straps might pose a challenge for keeping clothes pristine during transit. But perhaps for a duffel, that’s a trade-off some are willing to make for the sake of design.

The features seem well-thought-out for travelers who value ease. With a telescopic push-button handle system and in-line skate wheels, moving this bag across diverse terrains might be a breeze.

The inclusion of a limited 2-year manufacturer warranty does offer a sense of reassurance. Though I do wish there was more transparency regarding the specific terms and conditions of this warranty, knowing that potential manufacturer defects might be covered is comforting.

In summary, the Lucas Lightweight Pattern 22 Inch Duffel Bag, with its blend of style and functionality, appears to cater to travelers seeking a touch of flair in their journey. If you’re in the market for something spacious, cute, and designed for comfort, this duffel might be worth a spot on your wishlist.

Best Checked:

Lucas Treadlight 24 Inch Carry On Luggage

The Lucas Treadlight 24 inch luggage paints a picture of modern travel efficiency. Its hardside silhouette combined with an impressively light 7.7-pound weight makes me think of breezy airport transits and effortless handling.

Construction and Materials
The choice of using a durable composite polycarbonate shell, blending ABS with PC Film, is noteworthy. It not only promises resilience but also suggests a touch of sophistication. The expandable feature is a nod to the needs of travelers like me, always looking for that extra bit of space.

Interior and Organization
Peeking inside, there’s an immediate sense of spaciousness. Those organizational pockets and the roomy main compartment pique my interest, making me think of neatly folded outfits and easy-to-find travel essentials. And I’ve got to say, those compression straps seem like a blessing for maintaining a clutter-free suitcase.

Lucas seems to have thought of mobility, with the ergonomic handle and 4-spinner wheel system. The thought of smoothly gliding through busy terminals with such a companion is quite appealing. And the inclusion of a TSA-approved locking system? It’s an aspect I genuinely appreciate for added peace of mind.

A 5-year limited manufacturer warranty is quite the statement from Lucas. It lends a level of trust in the product, and in my book, that speaks volumes about their commitment to quality.

To sum it up, the Lucas Treadlight 24 inch luggage seems like a thoughtful blend of style, functionality, and durability. For someone always on the move, it’s an option that seems worthy of serious consideration.

Best Underseater:

Lucas 16 Inch Under Seat Bag

When it comes to traveling light and smart, the Lucas Lightweight 16 Inch Under Seat Bag stands out. Whether it’s a quick domestic jaunt or an international sprint, this compact gem is designed with both style and practicality in mind. As someone always searching for the ideal travel companion, its adherence to airline weight restrictions and the ease with which it fits into tight overhead spaces can’t go unnoticed.

Construction and Materials
The robustness of the 100% Nylon exterior paired with a similar interior assures me of its ability to handle the challenges of frequent travel. Weighing a mere 4.35 pounds, it’s not just the term ‘lightweight’ that appeals; it’s the reality of its easy maneuverability.

Interior and Organization
I have a thing for bags that surprise with their packing capacity, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Beyond its fully lined interior, it boasts clear vinyl pockets – perfect for those who, like me, enjoy both organization and the ease of spotting items at a glance. The several zippered pockets, both within and outside, only heighten my appreciation for its thoughtful design.

Navigating through crowded terminals becomes a breeze with the telescopic push-button handle system. Pair that with its two-wheeled design, and you’ve got a piece that promises both ease and relief on those hurried trips. The ergonomic handle seems like the cherry on top, thinking of a traveler’s comfort, especially during those longer transits.

It’s reassuring to note that Lucas extends a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on this piece. Their ‘trusted companion promise’ gives an additional layer of confidence, ensuring coverage against manufacturer defects. With dimensions of 16 X 14 X 9 inches and weighing 5 lbs., it’s indeed an excellent choice for the business traveler or anyone on the go.

In essence, the Lucas Lightweight 16 Inch Under Seat Bag strikes me as a solid choice for anyone aiming for efficiency, style, and durability in their travel gear. Whether it’s documents in a couple of pockets or essential attire for a quick trip, this bag seems ready to deliver.

Wrap Up: Lucas Luggage Review

In conclusion, Lucas Luggage emerges as a brand tailored for budget-conscious travelers seeking functional and stylish solutions. While it doesn’t surpass premium brands in durability and advanced features, Lucas strikes a commendable balance between price and quality, making it a viable option for infrequent travelers.

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