London Fog Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
London Fog Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

Key Takeaways

  • London Fog offers durable and stylish luggage options that cater to a variety of travel needs.
  • The brand provides a wide range of both soft-sided and hard-sided luggage, allowing for customization in travel style.
  • Despite its longstanding reputation, London Fog remains competitively priced, making it accessible for budget-conscious travelers.
  • The absence of advanced locking features and limited hardshell options are some areas where the brand could improve.
  • Overall, London Fog stands as a reliable choice for travelers seeking a blend of quality, style, and affordability in their luggage.

London Fog is a brand synonymous with quality and style, particularly when it comes to travel gear. In this London Fog luggage review, we unpack the brand’s merits and quirks, offering an in-depth analysis to aid your buying decision.

We scrutinize everything from its durable materials and lightweight design options to the range of products suited for various types of trips. Our goal? To give you all the info you need to decide whether London Fog’s luggage line matches your travel needs.

Pros: What I Like About London Fog

  • London Fog offers quality luggage at affordable prices.
  • Their range includes both soft and hard-sided options to suit various travel needs.
  • Leveraging decades of experience, the brand excels in durability and style.
  • Expect eye-catching patterns and designs that blend function and fashion.
  • Lighter options like the Knightsbridge collection help you pack more without exceeding weight limits.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • Fewer hardshell choices, mostly leaning towards softshell options.
  • Limited color variety in some collections.
  • Lacks advanced or TSA-approved locks.
  • Lightweight materials may compromise durability.
  • Replacement parts or wheels can be hard to find.

Is London Fog A Good Luggage Brand?

Is London Fog worth your investment? In my experience, it’s a definite yes. The brand offers durable, lightweight designs, ideal for a variety of trips. Compared to pricier options like Samsonite, London Fog holds its own, delivering quality without breaking the bank.

In the style department, London Fog doesn’t skimp either. It offers a wide range of designs, striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality. So, if you’re like me and prioritize both style and substance when you travel, this brand is certainly worth considering.

London Fog Brand History

Established in 1923, London Fog started its journey crafting top-notch raincoats. By the 1970s, they owned a huge chunk of the US raincoat scene. But they didn’t stop there.

Venturing into luggage in that same decade, they’ve since stood out with classic designs, like their signature houndstooth pattern.

Their products, always blending tradition with innovation, have made London Fog a trusted name worldwide. So, when you pick London Fog luggage, you’re choosing a rich legacy wrapped in style.

Key Facts About London Fog

  • London Fog is a long-standing brand known for delivering both style and durability in their luggage products.
  • Offering everything from carry-ons to full luggage sets, London Fog serves all travel needs with both soft-shell and hard-shell options.
  • With diverse color palettes and classic designs, this brand allows travelers to showcase their individual flair.
  • Crafted from top-notch materials, London Fog’s luggage is renowned for its lasting durability.
  • Most London Fog collections come with a reassuring 10-year limited warranty, covering any manufacturing hitches.


London Fog’s commitment to quality shines through in their luggage. For instance, the London Fog Brentwood II 15″ 2-Wheel Under The Seat Bag struck me with its durable design and attention to detail. They consistently use high-quality materials, evident in bags like the London Fog Chelsea 25″ Hardside Spinner, made of tough polycarbonate.

Having personally encountered their offerings, it’s clear why frequent travelers praise London Fog. Their luggage stands the test of multiple trips, with sturdy wheels and ample space. Moreover, from soft-sided bags with woven houndstooth fabric to rugged hardshells, they’ve got you covered, no matter the journey.

Another feature that has caught my attention is their meticulous stitching and resilience against wear and tear. It’s rare to find luggage that can resist the challenges of frequent travel, but the durability of London Fog’s zippers and hardware speaks volumes. It’s no surprise that many travelers regard London Fog as a trusted companion on their adventures.

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London Fog truly captures timeless elegance in their designs. I was immediately drawn to the London Fog Chelsea 25″ Hardside Spinner. With its sleek look and standout colors like Lilac and Riviera, it’s a prime example of the brand’s commitment to style.

There’s something about the classic vibes of their luggage. They shine, especially with those iconic plaid and houndstooth patterns. It reminds me of the Cambridge II Collection. Such designs aren’t just for looks; they blend fashion with functionality seamlessly.

Now, the size of their carry-on suitcases struck a chord with me. Perfectly tailored to meet airline restrictions, they don’t skimp on style. Some might want more color options, but I feel the available palette embodies both charm and practicality. After all, isn’t it about having luggage that’s as stylish as it’s functional?


The features of London Fog luggage stand out, shaping the brand’s reputation among travelers. One instance I personally admire is the double spinner wheels on many of their collections. These wheels offer excellent maneuverability, making navigating through busy airports a breeze.

Handling luggage during the rigors of travel is easier than ever with their ergonomic handle systems. The adjustable telescopic handles ensure users of all heights find comfort while on the move. Couple this with the brand’s use of specialized pockets – for shoes, documents, or accessories – and you’re in for a travel experience that prioritizes convenience.

What really resonated with me was the meticulous attention to internal organization. From dividers to pockets, they’ve got it all. It feels like every feature is there to ensure travelers, whether new or frequent, face fewer hassles during their journey.


London Fog backs their craftsmanship with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty on most collections. This covers manufacturing glitches and regular use mishaps. It’s a confidence boost, though remember, it doesn’t shield against airline damage.

Users often mention this warranty in their feedback. One review, citing the durability of the London Fog Brentwood II, highlights the brand’s commitment.

In short, London Fog’s transparent warranty isn’t just words. It’s a promise, ensuring a trustworthy journey partnership.


London Fog’s reputation in customer reviews is clear: it’s a brand travelers trust. Positive feedback about its timeless design and the durability of materials, especially lightweight polycarbonate, is frequent. For instance, many praise the Knightsbridge collection for striking a balance between size and weight.

What’s more, the Cambridge II, lauded for its compliance with carry-on regulations, serves as a testament to the brand’s adaptability. With such a vast range of colors and designs, it’s no surprise it’s a popular choice among both casual and avid travelers.

Yet, every brand has room for growth. A minority points out handle issues and scratching concerns. However, given the brand’s well-known status and its high average online ratings, it’s evident that most users are genuinely satisfied.

The consensus? London Fog offers functional and elegant luggage that meets the demands of diverse trips. For many, it’s not just a purchase but a reliable travel partner.


When it comes to London Fog, you often get what you pay for. Recognized as a high-end brand, its luxurious touch and lasting quality can be felt in every piece. I’ve noticed soft-sided luggage starting just above $100, and sturdy hard-sided ones under $200.

However, some might argue it leans towards the pricier side. Yet, after diving into numerous reviews, many, like me, see the value in spending a tad more for London Fog’s reputation and craftsmanship. In the vast realm of luggage, their price range proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

How Does London Fog Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

London Fog, with its rich heritage, has carved out a niche in the travel bags domain. But how does it measure up to industry giants like Samsonite and Away?

Facing off with Samsonite, both brands boast long-standing histories and trustworthiness in the luggage realm. However, when it comes to innovative materials, Samsonite’s Curv technology might have an edge.

That said, for the budget-conscious traveler, London Fog often presents a more palatable price point without compromising on style, offering a plethora of colors and patterns to cater to varied tastes.

Comparing London Fog to Away showcases a difference in design philosophies. While Away leans heavily into the modern, minimalist aesthetic, London Fog is your go-to for timeless, classic style designs. London Fog focuses on providing functional, reliable pieces like the Cambridge II 20″ Expandable Spinner, while Away leans more into tech-integration with features like built-in USB charging.

But, it’s not always about the giants. What I’ve found from personal experience is that London Fog has its own unique allure. It resonates with those of us who are drawn to enduring designs, without draining our wallets. For instance, the Cambridge II 20″ Expandable Spinner stands out not just for its aesthetic, but also for its functional features, making it a top choice among travelers.

Top-Rated London Fog Suitcases

Best OverallLondon Fog Newcastle Softside Luggage 20-InchJump to Review
Best ValueLondon Fog WestminsterJump to Review
Best LightweightLondon Fog Westminster 20″ SpinnerJump to Review
Most DurableLondon Fog Brentwood II 20″ Carry-on LuggageJump to Review
Best Carry-OnLondon Fog Brentwood II 20″ Carry-On SpinnerJump to Review
Best CheckedLondon Fog Chelsea 25″ SpinnerJump to Review
Best WeekenderLondon Fog Brentwood II 15″ 2-Wheel Under The Seat BagJump to Review

Best Overall:

London Fog Newcastle Softside Luggage 20-Inch

When I first laid eyes on the London Fog Newcastle Softside Luggage, I immediately thought, “Now that’s a suitcase I’d travel with.” There’s this Rose Charcoal Herringbone option which, in my book, is the standout among the three.

It’s got a real classy vibe with its rosewood shade, but a heads-up, that pattern might need a wipe down from time to time.

Weighing in at just 7.7 pounds for the 20-inch, it feels just right for those quick trips. And with sizes from 20″, 24″, to 28″, it covers most travel needs.

Construction and Materials
The woven Herringbone material gives it a solid feel, which I’m always on the lookout for. The honeycomb structure adds to its appeal, suggesting it’s tough without being bulky.

Those added protective corner guards and EVA foam padded fronts? To me, they’re like the extra layer of security when you’re on the move.

Interior and Organization
Peeking inside, it’s clear they’ve thought things through. That contrasting London Fog lining does more than just look good—it feels premium. The main compartment is more roomy than I expected, and I appreciate those added pockets for shoes and other bits and bobs.

There’s even a front pocket for things you might need in a hurry. However, if you’re the type to overstuff, be cautious; I feel it might tip if the front’s too packed. Need more space? I like that it offers an extra 2″ for those “just in case” moments.

Let’s talk maneuvering. Those eight spinner wheels are a game changer. Smooth rolling, and from what I can tell, they can handle the hustle of busy airports. The zippers seem durable, and I’ve got to say, I’m a fan of those easy-to-grab pulls.

A 10-Year Limited Warranty? It’s clear London Fog is standing by their product, and that speaks volumes to someone like me who values reliability.

Best Value:

London Fog Westminster

The London Fog Westminster 4-piece set caught my attention, and not just for its range but also for its design. With this set, travelers get a choice of the 15” Under the Seat Bag, the 20” Expandable Spinner, the 25” Expandable Spinner, and the grand 29” Expandable Spinner.

Among the three color options, the Grey Heather stands out to me as the most versatile.

I can’t overlook the thoughtfulness of the Under the Seat Bag—tailored to snugly fit under those standard airline seats. The whole set feels lightweight yet resilient, and it’s clear that when traveling with this ensemble, there’s not just ample space but also a touch of style.

Construction and Materials
Made from high-density woven material, the durability is evident, and those faux leather trim accents add just the right amount of class. What I especially like is the nested design; it just seems so space-saving when storing them away.

Interior and Organization
When I peek inside, it’s clear that London Fog’s commitment to organization shines. The three uprights come equipped with integrated shoe pockets (because who doesn’t like their shoes kept separate?) and a handy zippered pocket on the lid.

But it’s the Under the Seat Bag that feels like the true organizer’s dream with various compartments that make packing and accessing essentials a breeze. Plus, I always appreciate extra packing capacity, so the fact that the uprights can expand an extra 2″ feels like a win.

Navigating through crowded spaces? The low-profile 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels on these bags are an absolute boon. These 8-wheels, mounted on a grid base, give travelers stability even when the luggage is packed to the brim.

With a 10-year warranty backing this set, London Fog sends a clear message about their faith in the quality of the Westminster set.

Best Lightweight:

London Fog Westminster 20″ Spinner

The London Fog Brentwood II 25″ luggage is something that immediately piques my interest. Weighing just 7.9 pounds, its lightweight structure is admirable. When presented with two color options, Blue and Cappuccino, I lean towards the Cappuccino for its chic subtlety.

It’s evident from first glance that this is softside luggage with both purpose and poise. If I were to put my finger on its unique appeal, it’d be the harmony of beauty, space, and sturdiness, making it an ideal choice for those ever-so-long travel adventures.

Construction and Materials
Made with a hyperlight injection molded chassis, the strength of this luggage stands out. I’m particularly impressed with the Fog Guard protection. Knowing that it repels water & stains gives me that added confidence when traveling in unpredictable weather. And as someone who can be a little rough around the edges with luggage, the skid guards and corner guards to protect the fabric and trolley tubes feel like a thoughtful touch.

Interior and Organization
Opening it up, the first thing that comes to mind is, wow, that’s spacious. It seems to have a pocket for everything – shoes, accessories, and even a side mesh pocket. The full London Fog signature lining gives it a plush feel. And should travelers like me ever over-pack, the option to expand by 2″ for that extra packing capacity is like a little gift.

Getting around an airport with luggage can sometimes feel like a wrestling match. But the Brentwood II, with its convenient top, side, and bottom carry handles, is designed for the traveler on the move. The industrial self-repairing nylon zippers ooze durability, while the aluminum pull handle feels sturdy in hand. And when it comes to maneuverability, the dual 360-degree spinner wheels ensure a smooth transit.

A 10-year limited warranty tops it all, adding to the faith I’d have in this product’s longevity.

Most Durable:

London Fog Brentwood II 20″ Carry-on Luggage

Right off the bat, the London Fog Brentwood II 20″ hardside luggage emanates a contemporary elegance. Weighing a mere 7.5 pounds, its beauty doesn’t compromise its practicality. Blue and Cream are the offered colors, and I must say, the Cream exudes a timeless charm. It’s easy to see how this piece fits perfectly for those quick business trips or spontaneous weekend retreats.

Construction and Materials
What’s immediately noticeable is its durable polycarbonate composition. I appreciate how the textured hardside design not only looks chic but serves the purpose of guarding against the scrapes and bumps of travel. With this in your hand, you’re not just carrying a luggage piece; you’ve got a reliable travel companion.

Interior and Organization
Inside, it’s spaciousness surprises me. Beyond its compact facade lies a treasure of organizational features – zipper pockets, shoe pockets, and a handy mesh pocket, all ensuring your items have their special place.

The London Fog signature lining lends an air of sophistication, and I’m fond of the added interior divider; it’s a nifty way to keep things in order. And if you’re anything like me, the extra 2″ of packing space would be invaluable for those last-minute additions.

Making one’s way through busy airports is a breeze with the 8 recessed spinner wheels. I value the Control Track Self Aligning Tech, and when combined with the sturdy aluminum telescopic handle, it feels like the luggage is doing half the work. Security-conscious travelers would nod in approval at the TSA-approved combination lock. And, it’s hard to overlook the sturdiness of the TPR cushion grip handles and those self-repairing nylon zippers.

London Fog rounds it all up with a 10-Year Limited Warranty, which speaks volumes about their confidence in the product.

Best Carry-On:

London Fog Brentwood II 20″ Carry-On Spinner

When I first laid eyes on the London Fog Brentwood II 20″ Softside Spinner Carry-On, its stylish design immediately stood out. Weighing just 6.9 pounds, it’s a blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Perfect for shorter trips or those weekend getaways, I’ve noticed it can comfortably accommodate a week’s worth of clothes and shoes. Plus, its design ensures it fits snugly in overhead compartments, a feature I’ve often sought after.

Construction and Materials
Feeling its exterior, the softside model’s resilience is palpable, crafted from durable woven window pane material. London Fog’s commitment to quality is evident in the hyperlight injection molded chassis, which seems to provide superior strength without being hefty.

One thing that personally reassures me during my travels is the Fog Guard protection. Knowing that sudden downpours or spillages won’t leave lasting marks on this luggage is a boon. And with skid guards and corner guards, I’m confident it’s built to last through many adventures.

Interior and Organization
Peeking inside, the carry-on is more spacious than I initially imagined. The signature London Fog lining gives it a premium feel. For someone like me who values organization, the bag’s multiple pockets, including two for shoes, a zippered accessory pocket, and another zippered side mesh pocket, are a godsend.

And if I ever go on a shopping spree while traveling, the 2-inch expansion is something I’d definitely make use of.

In my travels, I’ve often been frustrated with unwieldy luggage. However, with this carry-on’s 8-recessed spinner wheels, I can imagine it gliding effortlessly. Paired with the locking trolley handle, which feels robust thanks to the aluminum channels, it promises easy navigation.

The RFID safe technology is a thoughtful touch in today’s digital age, while the various carry handles offer flexibility in handling. Trustworthy zippers are essential for me, and the self-repairing nylon zippers on this one fit the bill.

A 10-year limited warranty rounds off this package. It’s clear to me that London Fog stands behind the Brentwood II, making it a luggage choice I’d recommend to fellow travelers.

Best Checked:

London Fog Chelsea 25″ Spinner

The London Fog Chelsea 25″ Hardside Spinner caught my eye right away. At 8.9 pounds and available in four colors, I’m especially drawn to the Lilac and Riviera options. Honestly, it’s a good-looking and functional piece of luggage, and that’s a win in my book.

Construction and Materials
It’s clear this suitcase is built to last. Made from 100% polycarbonate – a material I’ve noticed in other top-notch luggage – it promises durability without the bulk. And the added corner guards and side feet? Those are some practical touches I appreciate.

Interior and Organization
Inside, it’s all decked out with that signature London Fog stripe lining. It’s spacious with plenty of pockets to keep things organized. There’s a zippered divider, shoe pockets, and even a mesh pocket for smaller stuff. And if you ever need more room, the fact it can expand by 2 inches is super handy.

Moving this suitcase around is a breeze. With its eight dual spinner wheels, I can imagine easily navigating through crowded airports. Its sturdy handle and zippers make it feel reliable, and the TSA-approved locks are a neat bonus for peace of mind.

To top it all off, there’s a 10-Year Limited Warranty. That gives me a bit more trust in its lasting power.

Best Weekender:

London Fog Brentwood II 15″ 2-Wheel Under The Seat Bag

The London Fog Brentwood II 15″ 2-Wheel Under The Seat Bag, with its smart plaid design, immediately stands out. Weighing a mere 5.5 pounds, it offers two appealing color choices: Cappuccino and Blue. I’ve noticed that its size is crafted to fit comfortably under most standard airline seats, which is quite handy.

Though it’s ideal for 1-2 day trips, potential buyers might want to check laptop sizes as some might find it snug. However, in terms of blending style with function, it’s spot on.

Construction and Materials
The bag’s build showcases a commitment to durability. You can feel its resilience, hinting that it’s built for the long haul. The stitches and materials used reassure you of its lasting nature.

Interior and Organization
Upon unzipping this bag, the spaciousness is evident. The London Fog signature lining adds a luxe touch. It’s organized well, with dedicated compartments for laptops, clothes, and toiletries. The padded tablet compartment and zippered wet pockets are design elements I believe many will find beneficial.

Versatility shines with this bag, serving as a rolling tote, business case, or overnighter. The 2 in-line skate wheels ensure ease of movement, essential for those busy airport moments. And the added touch of RFID safe technology is a nod to modern security needs.

Coming with a 10-year warranty, it’s a testament to the brand’s confidence in this product.

Wrap Up: London Fog Review

In wrapping up this London Fog luggage review, it’s clear that the brand has carved out a space for itself in the travel gear industry. With a focus on durability, stylish designs, and a wide range of options, London Fog appeals to various travelers for different types of trips.

From our deep dive into the brand’s offerings, we’ve found that London Fog strikes a balance between quality and affordability, making it a solid choice for the budget-conscious yet style-savvy traveler.

All in all, whether you’re gearing up for a weekend getaway or a long-haul journey, London Fog offers a dependable and fashionable luggage solution.

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