IT Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
IT Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

Key Takeaways

  • IT Luggage offers affordable, budget-friendly options ideal for cost-conscious travelers.
  • The brand primarily focuses on lightweight designs, providing an advantage for air travel.
  • Durability can be a trade-off, but products typically last 3-5 years with semi-frequent use.
  • Positive customer feedback underscores the brand’s value for money and innovative features.
  • While suitable for occasional travelers, IT Luggage might not be the top choice for frequent, heavy-duty.

There’s no shortage of brands vying for attention when setting out to find the perfect travel companion. With so many options, navigating the sea of choices can take time and effort. And that’s where this “IT Luggage review” comes into play, aiming to give travelers like you a clear view of what to expect.

In this review, we’ll delve into the unique allure of IT Luggage, known for its budget-friendly appeal and lightweight designs. But as with any brand, it has its peaks and valleys. From customer feedback to durability considerations, we’ve gathered the essential facts and insights to help you decide if IT Luggage is the right fit for your adventures.

Pros: What I Like About IT

  • IT Luggage champions affordability with style.
  • Featherlight suitcases redefine easy travel.
  • They cater to all with diverse sizes and styles.
  • Each piece merges functionality with standout designs.
  • Loyal customers consistently vouch for the brand.
  • Their 10-year warranty underscores enduring quality.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • Their featherlight design might trade-off lasting durability.
  • Packing essentials, not extras, define their interior.
  • Color range doesn’t stretch the spectrum.
  • They lean towards practicality over premium materials.
  • Finding them in-store can sometimes be a challenge.

Is IT Luggage A Good Brand?

IT luggage stands out in the competitive luggage landscape, especially for those with a tight budget. Their lightweight options are a boon, particularly for airport dashes. But, as with most things in life, there’s a balance. While the brand champions affordability, some travelers hint at a trade-off in long-term durability.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Numerous positive reviews online suggest that, for many, IT Luggage hits the sweet spot between cost and reliability. When I’m gearing up for a casual trip, their designs always catch my eye.

Yet, more durable brands beckon for those who are always on the go. Still, IT Luggage offers a blend of affordability and style for occasional travelers or even those weekend getaways. In the middle-tier luggage game, they’re undoubtedly players to watch.

IT Brand History

In 1985, London saw the birth of IT Luggage Ltd, initially known as Landor Ltd. Their bold step of importing stylish designs from China to the UK revolutionized affordable luggage choices. The balance they struck between cost and style was impeccable.

The brand’s global footprint, especially in Europe, is undeniable. As a traveler, I’ve often admired their commitment to lightweight design, skillfully utilizing materials like polyester to keep things light yet durable.

Manufacturing speaks to a brand’s core values. With its outposts in Vietnam and China, IT luggage keeps quality high. Their standout features, from industry-leading spinner wheels to TSA locks, transform travel from tedious to terrific.

Key Facts About IT Luggage

  • IT luggage’s “World’s Lightest” collection has revolutionized lightweight suitcases, making travel a breeze.
  • Offering many choices, IT presents everything from carry-on to lightweight sets, all draped in various colors.
  • Many travelers, like myself, stay loyal to IT Luggage, cherishing its lightweight options and undeniable affordability.
  • With a price range of $50-300, IT Luggage truly shines as one of the more affordable brands without skimping style.
  • The brand’s innovative design features mix practicality with fashion, turning heads at every terminal.
  • Trusting IT Luggage is easy, given their unwavering commitment to quality, evident in their exhaustive product tests and reliable warranty.


IT luggage has struck a balance between cost and quality. Their lightweight designs, crafted from materials like polyester and ABS, suit leisure travelers like me. Their reliability is evident, with some models enduring 3-5 years of semi-frequent use.

Their high-tensile fabric and ultra-strong ABS boast extra durability. I appreciate that even their lightweight designs maintain sturdiness. The ABS construction skillfully hides scratches, retaining the luggage’s fresh look.

IT luggage’s commitment to quality shines in their ECO-Tough biodegradable collection. This blend of quality with eco-consciousness speaks volumes. Many travelers, including myself, commend the brand’s consistent reliability and longevity.


IT luggage’s blend of functionality and style stands out distinctly. From their sleek “World’s Lightest” collection to designs that evoke luxury brands, they cater to a broad spectrum of tastes. I was especially drawn to some models that sported a chic marble effect, marrying functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

Diving deeper, IT luggage consistently showcases an innovative design approach. Including rose gold detailing in specific models is a nod to modern trends, effortlessly elevating their look. A diverse palette of colors beckons customers like me to choose a suitcase that truly mirrors their personality.

Beyond the immediate visual appeal, the brand excels in interior design. Opening up their fabric suitcases reveals a world of organizational wonders, from zippered pockets to built-in laundry bags. These details highlight IT luggage’s commitment to a design that balances aesthetic appeal with real-world travel functionality.


IT luggage’s “World’s Lightest” collection immediately caught my attention with its lightweight construction. Paired with double-spinner wheels and TSA-approved locks, it offers easy maneuverability and peace of mind. While I cherish organization, the minimalist packing features, including zippered expanders, ensure I never feel constrained.

Beyond enhancing grip, the brand’s wide handles brilliantly optimize main compartment space. This proves invaluable when juggling packing cubes and essentials. With diverse color choices, IT luggage marries aesthetics with functionality, precisely catering to travelers like myself.


The warranty offered by IT Luggage stands as a testament to its excellent quality. With a solid 10-year coverage focusing on basic manufacturing defects, it showcases the brand’s commitment to its customers. That said, the warranty’s exclusions—like airline damage and regular wear—make me emphasize the importance of understanding its breadth.

Compared to some luxury brands, IT luggage’s warranty might seem basic. Yet, this warranty is a delightful bonus when you factor in its affordable price point. It adds an extra layer of assurance, reinforcing trust in their products, while the return policies and warranty claims process further bolster that sentiment.


From my deep dive into IT luggage, it’s evident that they’ve made a mark in the world of customer reviews, proudly boasting ratings between 3.9 and 4.4 stars on Amazon. I’ve noticed many loyal customers rave about the lightweight designs and durability, especially given its competitive price point.

While the brand receives primarily glowing feedback, I encountered some critiques. A handful mentioned the fabric suitcases tend to show dirt quickly, and there are occasional design choices that could limit packing space.

Still, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive in my reading of the reviews. The brand loyalty that I’ve observed is genuinely impressive. Despite occasional zipper issues or design quirks, many believe that the value is undeniable for the price point. So, if you, like me, are searching for budget-friendly yet reliable luggage, the reviews for IT Luggage might tip the scales in their favor.


IT luggage is an affordable option in a sea of pricey alternatives. With softside carry-ons between $50 to $100 and their hardside counterparts from $60 to $150, they’ve struck a balance between price and quality that resonates with someone like me. Especially when eyeing their “World’s Lightest” collection, I’m impressed by the functionality offered at such an affordable range.

Their 3-piece fabric luggage sets, priced around $150 to $200, make them one of the cheapest luggage choices without skimping on quality. For budget-conscious travelers like myself, seeking both style and substance, IT Luggage is a game changer. Their pricing isn’t just about affordability; it’s about delivering actual value to globetrotters everywhere.

How Does IT Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

IT luggage impressively stakes its claim with affordability and style. Their “World’s Lightest” collection has me raving about their feather-light suitcases, though their choice of materials is more budget-conscious than some pricier counterparts.

Maneuverability matters, and IT Luggage’s double-spinner wheels make airport dashes a breeze. While they bring a splash of variety in colors and essentials, they might miss a few bells and whistles seen in luxury brands. Yet, given their price range, it’s a compromise I’m willing to accept.

Their 10-year warranty showcases confidence in their products. Still, there are murmurs about some customer support hiccups. But IT Luggage often ticks the right boxes for someone like me who is eyeing style and budget.

Top-Rated IT Suitcases

Best OverallIT luggage Duo-Tone 31″ Softside SpinnerJump to Review
Best ValueIT luggage Accuracy 28″ Softside SpinnerJump to Review
Best LightweightIT luggage Citywide 33″ Softside SpinnerJump to Review
Most DurableIT luggage Momentous 30″ Hardside SpinnerJump to Review
Best Carry-OnIT luggage Duo-Tone 22″ Softside SpinnerJump to Review
Best CheckedIT luggage Encompass 27″ Hardside SpinnerJump to Review
Best WeekenderIT luggage Intrepid 17″ Softside UnderseaterJump to Review

Best Overall:

IT luggage Duo-Tone 31″ Softside Spinner

Upon first glance, the IT Luggage Duo-Tone 31″ stands out for its generous size and light and attractive design. Weighing just 7.01 pounds, its ultra-lightweight nature caught my attention. This trait makes it perfect for those extended trips where every ounce counts. Moreover, with its distinct appearance, travelers can effortlessly spot this luggage on busy baggage carousels, making the journey’s end more convenient.

Construction and Materials

Constructed with a soft shell made of durable polyester, the luggage promises flexibility and resilience. The unique base structure adds an extra layer of strength and stability. It’s not just about its looks; the durability of this piece promises to accompany travelers on many adventures.

Interior and Organization

The spacious interior of this luggage is something I like, as it offers plenty of packing space for extended getaways. Further enhancing its usability are the easy-access front panel pockets, perfect for stashing those travel essentials. With a spacious lined interior, the luggage ensures that everything from your garments to gadgets has a snug and secure place.


Equipped with an 8-wheel rolling system, the IT Luggage Duo-Tone ensures travelers can glide effortlessly through bustling terminals. I prefer how it rolls smoothly, making commutes less hassle. Its lightweight trolley system also boasts aluminum tubes, ensuring durability without adding heft. The padded top and side handles are a thoughtful addition, offering another comfortable carrying option apart from wheeling it around.


Backing their product, IT Luggage offers a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on this piece. For travelers seeking a mix of style, space, and durability, this warranty only serves to solidify the luggage’s place in their travel arsenal. Knowing that a decade of protection accompanies this lightweight design is reassuring.

Best Value:

IT luggage Accuracy 28″ Softside Spinner

The lT luggage Accuracy of 28″ caught my eye immediately. At a mere 6.71 pounds, it’s lightweight without compromising on style. And while all three colors are charming, I’m partial to Teal Sea.

Construction and Materials

One can’t help but notice its specially developed case platform – it feels solid and durable. I like that it’s made of materials meant to last. Plus, the EVA embossed front panel? It’s a nice touch for both style and protection.

Interior and Organization

Inside, there’s more room than you’d expect, given its 25 x 16.9 x 10 inches dimensions. The padded handles feel comfy, which is always a plus for me. And that sizeable exterior pocket? So handy for those quick grabs.


Navigating busy airports with this would be a breeze. I can see the 8-wheel system ensuring smooth travel. Its unique base structure and aluminum trolley system seem like a perfect combo for stability.


The 10-year warranty is the cherry on top. It gives me confidence in its longevity. Considering its features and price, it feels like a solid deal.

Best Lightweight:

IT luggage Citywide 33″ Softside Spinner

At first glance, the IT luggage Citywide 33″ balances practicality and style. With its weight at just 7.1 pounds, it’s clear this is a piece designed for those who value lightweight luggage. The color options, Charcoal and Pale Mauve, are appealing, but I lean towards Pale Mauve for its unique touch. The embossed city names on the front panel add an artistic flair, reminding me of globetrotting adventures.

Construction and Materials

From an observer’s perspective, the luggage appears durable. The choice of polyester as its primary material suggests it’s built to last. I like the idea of the unique base structure; it is a thoughtful addition to ensuring stability.

Interior and Organization

Upon inspection, the interior seems remarkably spacious, ideal for organized packers. The adjustable tie-down straps are a feature I’d prefer in any luggage, ensuring belongings stay put. The fully lined interior, combined with the exterior zip pocket, seems ideal for keeping items sorted. The inclusion of TSA combination locks is a nod to modern travel concerns, something I always appreciate.


The 8-wheel system stands out for me. I like the idea of smooth navigation through bustling airports. Coupled with the retractable handle and the sturdy trolley system, this luggage would cater well to contemporary travelers’ needs.


The 10-year warranty is impressive. It shows the brand’s commitment to their product. Given the balance of design, features, and the inviting price point, this luggage is a worthy contender for those on the lookout.

Most Durable:

IT luggage Momentous 30″ Hardside Spinner

When observing the IT luggage Momentous 30″ Hardside, the first thing that stands out to me is its sleek hard shell design. It’s impressive that, for its size, it weighs just 8.55 pounds. Among the three color options, the Pumice Stone strikes me as elegant and timeless, seamlessly fitting into various travel scenarios. I appreciate the expandable design, which offers the extra room we sometimes need. Plus, it’s noteworthy how it can withstand multiple trips and remain unscuffed.

Construction and Materials

Crafted from polypropylene (PP), which is known for being virtually unbreakable, the luggage is built for durability. The exclusive IT Luggage design gives it an edge in aesthetics and provides an additional layer of protection. Its construction is well-suited to handle the inevitable rigors of travel.

Interior and Organization

The clamshell design seems perfect for organized travelers like me. Separate compartments ensure that belongings are kept neatly, and the interior pocket appears handy for those smaller essentials. I prefer luggage with expandability, and the 25% extra room here seems generous, catering to those longer trips or shopping sprees abroad.


The 8-wheel spinner system is something I’d always look for; it suggests effortless maneuverability during travels. An integrated TSA lock is always a plus in my book, ensuring security for the contents. With side handles for easy lifting and an adjustable telescopic handle, this luggage ticks many boxes for travelers.


The 10-year warranty emphasizes the brand’s confidence in its product. Given the plethora of features and the seemingly robust construction, it is a worthwhile investment for regular travelers.

Best Carry-On:

IT luggage Duo-Tone 22″ Softside Spinner

The IT luggage Duo-Tone 22″ Softside Luggage is a stylish and practical choice for those who prioritize aesthetics and functionality. Weighing in at a mere 5.4 pounds, this 22″ size is especially appealing for frequent travelers. Among its four color options, the Peach / Sea Teal resonates with me the most – it perfectly encapsulates the vibe of a tropical vacation.

Its lightweight nature is a boon for those on the go, and given its price, it’s an excellent value. I believe this is a carry-on that’ll see a lot of mileage, especially on weekend getaways. Its size also makes it perfect for stowing away in overhead bins.

Construction and Materials

This luggage, while appearing sleek, is built to last. Its lightweight design doesn’t compromise on durability. The softside material it’s constructed from promises longevity, while its unique base structure ensures stability during those inevitable travel bumps. The pockets and wheels are thoughtfully designed, ensuring they won’t disappoint you during crucial moments.

Interior and Organization

The inside of this luggage is surprisingly spacious. It accommodated everything I’d pack for a two-week jaunt, making it one of the lightest suitcases with an impressive packing capacity. The lined interior ensures everything stays organized, while the front panel pockets are perfect for those items you need to grab in a hurry. And for those who love some extra space, the large outer pockets are a godsend.


Mobility with this luggage is a breeze, thanks to its dual 360-degree spinner wheels. The aluminum trolley system gives it lightweight strength, ensuring it won’t buckle under pressure. The padded top and side handles make lifting it into overhead compartments or car trunks effortless. Moreover, the TSA lock is a welcome addition for those concerned about security.


As with other IT luggage products, this one also has a reassuring 10-year warranty. The durable material and thoughtful design are a testament to the brand’s confidence in its product.

Best Checked:

IT luggage Encompass 27″ Hardside Spinner

The IT luggage Encompass 27″ Hardside Luggage embodies a sleek and efficient design. Its elegant beige color is bound to stand out at any airport. Weighing approximately 8.66 pounds, it’s impressive how this luggage maintains a lightweight feel even when fully loaded. Given its myriad features and timeless design, I eagerly look forward to using it on my upcoming trip.

Construction and Materials

Its hardside construction is not just for show; it promises durability that frequent travelers will surely appreciate. But it’s not all about resilience; the luxury detailing offers a stylish appearance, making it a high-quality luggage piece that combines functionality with elegance.

Interior and Organization

Upon opening the luggage, you’re greeted with a deep main compartment that offers a wide range of packing possibilities. The compartments inside are an organizer’s dream, ensuring your belongings are handled appropriately. What stands out the most is the middle space expander, which offers up to 25% additional packing capacity – perfect for those bulky items or last-minute shopping sprees. And even with the expanded space, it remarkably ensures stability, which is often a concern with expanders.


The 8-wheel spinner system boasts industry-leading wheel control and stability, making navigating through busy airports or hotels a breeze. Its sturdy trolley system complements the wheels, guaranteeing constant performance and smooth movement, which is vital, especially during those quick dashes to catch a flight.


A 10-year warranty backs this luggage, a testament to the brand’s confidence in its product. With the airline industry’s unpredictability, this kind of warranty will offer travelers peace of mind.

Best Weekender:

IT luggage Intrepid 17″ Softside 2 Wheel Underseater

The luggage Intrepid 17″ Softside Underseater is every traveler’s dream when optimizing for space and weight. Weighing a mere 4.78 pounds, it’s astonishingly lightweight. With two distinct color options, Dark Red and Black, this underseater luggage promises style and functionality. As someone who appreciates the finer details, deciding to use it as carry-on luggage for quick trips or to slide it under my flight seat was a no-brainer.

Construction and Materials

Built with a unique base structure, the Intrepid offers added strength and security that belies its modest size. I’m particularly fond of its wide body design – it provides extra capacity and lends a unique, contemporary appearance to the suitcase. The lightweight trolley system, explicitly designed to reduce weight and its contemporary body shape for increased capacity, speaks to the thoughtfulness of the design.

Interior and Organization

Opening the luggage, I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious front pocket – perfect for easy access to travel essentials. Its interior mesh pocket is a godsend for organized storage, ensuring my belongings stay in place. The 8-wheel spinner system promises ease of navigation, especially in crowded airports. The expandable zipper system for added space, without affecting stability, truly enhances its utility.


What stands out about this piece is the handy expander located at its base. It offers that additional space, which often becomes a necessity during travels. The fact that it’s available for free delivery with Amazon Prime membership and can be returned, refunded, or replaced within 30 days adds to its appeal. The option to add a Protection Plan for a few more years showcases the brand’s confidence in its product. But, the show-stealer for me is the superior wheel control. Maneuvering through bustling terminals has never been smoother.


Last but not least, a 10-year warranty accompanies this gem of under-seat luggage. This not only speaks volumes about its durability but also gives me, as a consumer, much-needed peace of mind.

Wrap Up: IT Luggage Review

IT luggage has undoubtedly made a mark in the luggage market with its accessible pricing and emphasis on lightweight designs. Its products cater to many travelers, especially those who prioritize ease of movement and value for money.

Yet, while many find it a dependable choice for occasional trips, it might not be the first pick for the frequent globetrotter seeking premium materials and extended durability.

As always, the key lies in understanding one’s travel habits and aligning them with the right brand. After all, every journey deserves a trusty suitcase by its side.

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