Bugatti Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
Bugatti Luggage Review: Is It A Good Brand For You?

Key Takeaways

  • Bugatti luggage combines European-inspired aesthetics with high-quality materials, offering a blend of style and durability.
  • With designs catering to business and leisure travelers, versatility is a strong brand suit.
  • Innovative packing features and storage solutions simplify the travel experience.
  • The brand offers good value for money, particularly during sales and promotions.
  • Overall, Bugatti stands as a competitive choice in the realm of luxury luggage.

Bugatti isn’t just a name that catches your eye; it’s a brand that promises to change how you travel. This Bugatti luggage review delves into what makes this luggage line a stand-out option, from quality materials to smart design choices.

So, what’s in store for you? We’re talking European-inspired design, exceptional durability, and a range of features to make your travels smoother.

Whether you’re eyeing hardside or softside luggage, this brand has something to cater to your needs. We’ve sifted through customer reviews, broken down their favorite models, and pitted Bugatti against other popular luggage brands to give you a comprehensive look.

Pros: What I Like About Bugatti

  • Marries durability with style through high-grade materials and European flair.
  • Nails the art of organized packing with innovative storage features.
  • Glide effortlessly, thanks to 360-degree spinner wheels.
  • Seamlessly transitions from business trips to weekend getaways.
  • Strikes a balance between quality and cost, particularly during promotional periods.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • Some offerings tip the scales a bit more than you’d prefer
  • Premium quality comes at a premium price point.
  • Patchy global presence could make after-sales service a game of chance.
  • Could step up the tech game with built-in charger options.
  • Only some designs come with the flexibility of expandability.

Is Bugatti A Good Luggage Brand?

Is Bugatti a good luggage brand? That’s the question on many travelers’ minds. When it comes to quality, it’s hard not to be impressed. Durability is the name of the game, and customer reviews often sing praises of Bugatti’s resilience. You’ll find they hold their own compared to other popular luggage brands like Samsonite.

Now, let’s talk style. You know, something is captivating about Bugatti’s European flair. From a design perspective, you might find it hard to look away. It’s functional yet stylish, a balancing act that few brands can pull off.

Ah, customer service—something we all care about. I’ve heard Bugatti’s customer service is quite responsive. They handle warranty claims like pros, making after-sales a breeze. Compared to other brands, they’re in a league in this department.

So, is Bugatti a keeper? From the looks of it, absolutely. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Dig, read more reviews, and see the luggage in person. Regarding travel gear, one can always be careful in picking the perfect match.

Bugatti Luggage Brand History

Bugatti started as a family-run business in Canada in the 1940s. It has since grown into a notable name among luxury luggage brands.

The brand’s designs are distinctly European-inspired. This sets them apart in a crowded market.

Available both online and in physical stores, Bugatti’s reach is global. They’ve notably expanded across North America.

Their focus on individuality resonates in their diverse product line. It shows the brand’s commitment to both style and function.

Key Facts About Bugatti Luggage

  • Infuses European elegance into every luggage design.
  • Aims for the sweet spot between form and function.
  • Versatile enough for the boardroom and the beach.
  • Crafted with durability in mind, using top-tier materials.
  • Stays ahead of the curve with regular, trendsetting releases.


Bugatti sets the bar high with its attention to detail, particularly in the quality of its materials. In the Washington Collection, I noticed the use of both hardside and softside materials, striking a balance between durability and flexibility.

Another point that stood out to me was the focus on long-term durability. The Oslo Collection employs snag-resistant zippers, clearly designed for the frequent traveler. Knowing these small but crucial features have been so well thought out is reassuring.

Lastly, when I looked inside, the quality stayed strong. The interiors of the luggage models I reviewed, like the Reborn and the Hamburg Collections, had luxury-lined dividers and pockets, elevating the packing experience. Bugatti’s product development aims for consistent quality across the board.

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Bugatti Luggage showcases an impressive blend of European style and functional design. I was particularly drawn to the Washington Collection’s Underseater Bag. It combines hardside and softside materials, effortlessly marrying durability with a clean, modern look.

I can’t help but appreciate the diverse color offerings, especially in the Hamburg Collection. Charcoal and Red Lacquer make for high-end, eye-catching options that suit different preferences. These aren’t just suitcases; they’re fashion statements on wheels.

Internal organization? Spot on. Take the 24-inch Hard Shell Luggage from the Oslo Collection; its luxury-lined interior has a dividing panel and multiple pockets. It’s like this bag was designed knowing precisely what a traveler needs—and it looks good.


The telescopic handles on Bugatti Luggage stand out for their ergonomic design. I noticed the Washington Collection’s Underseater Bag offers a handle with two locking positions, making it comfortable for users of different heights. It’s a feature that adds an extra layer of convenience, especially during those long airport walks.

Another innovation that caught my eye was the spinner wheels. In the Oslo Collection’s 24-inch Hard Shell Luggage, these wheels offer 360-degree mobility. Thanks to their Hinomoto Japanese design, the wheels are functional and remarkably silent.

Lastly, let’s talk about expandable compartments—something I find indispensable. For example, the Hamburg Collection’s Carry-On can expand to provide 20% more packing space. It offers lots of options for both short trips and longer stays, aligning perfectly with the range of styles in softside luggage that Bugatti is known for.


Bugatti Luggage comes with reassuring warranty options. The 10-year limited warranty on models like the Washington and Oslo collections highlights the brand’s confidence in durability.

Some warranties even cover essential parts like wheels and handles. It’s a comforting extra that adds value to your purchase.

The brand stands out for its hassle-free approach to warranty claims. With clear terms and quick customer service, it’s easy to see why their warranty is a selling point.


Bugatti Luggage earns high marks in product reviews for its durability and style. Customers love the Washington and Oslo collections, which I’ve found sleek and sturdy. Clever packing compartments are often praised, aligning with my own experience.

Some reviews mention weight as a minor downside. Yet, the luggage’s sturdiness makes this a non-issue.

Overall, the positive reviews mirror my observations. Bugatti Luggage offers a valuable blend of form and function, making it a reliable travel companion.


Bugatti Luggage comes in a mid to high-end price range, making it a luxury option for many travelers. Softside luggage like the Washington collection generally costs $100 to $200, while hardside options like the Oslo series range from $100 to $400. From what you’re getting, these prices are reasonable.

Regarding luggage sets, prices range from $200 to $600. The sets are an investment that pays off in quality and durability. If you’re after pricier styles, Bugatti offers premium collections that, while higher in price, provide unparalleled features and quality.

The brand regularly offers promotions or sales, making it easier for a wider range of consumers to get a taste of luxury. I think these sales provide an excellent opportunity to grab high-end luggage at a more reasonable price.

How Does Bugatti Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

Regarding luggage, Bugatti holds its own against famous brands like Samsonite. While Samsonite offers a wide range, it lacks Bugatti’s sense of exclusivity. For those who value that, Bugatti might have the edge.

Tumi is another premium competitor. It’s known for tech-forward features, an area Bugatti doesn’t emphasize as much. Both, however, are strong on design and quality.

Delsey serves as a direct competitor to Bugatti, especially in aesthetics. Both brands showcase European design. Unlike Travelpro, which is more function-focused, Bugatti prioritizes style.

Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime warranty, attracting long-term investors in luggage. Yet, Bugatti’s European flair provides a different kind of allure.

Each brand has its pros and cons, making Bugatti a unique choice in the market.

Top-Rated Bugatti Suitcases

Best OverallBugatti Brussels Collection 24 Inch Hard Shell LuggageJump to Review
Best ValueBugatti Nashville Collection 3 Piece Hard Shell Luggage SetJump to Review
Best LightweightBugatti Washington Collection 25″ Luggage Jump to Review
Most DurableBugatti Reborn Collection 24 Inch SpinnerJump to Review
Best Carry-OnBugatti Hamburg Collection Carry-on 20-inchJump to Review
Best CheckedBugatti Oslo Collection 24 Inch Hard Shell LuggageJump to Review
Best WeekenderBugatti Washington Collection Underseater 18″Jump to Review

Best Overall:

Bugatti Brussels Collection 24 Inch Hard Shell Luggage

First impressions matter. The Deep Red color of the Bugatti Brussels 24-inch luggage caught my eye immediately. It’s also available in Black. Both colors are elegant and versatile. The luggage weighs 8.48 pounds. It’s designed for 3 to 7-night trips. This luggage fits the bill if you value style and practicality like I do.

Construction and Materials

Let’s talk materials. It’s made of a lightweight ABS and polycarbonate blend. This makes it sturdy and scratch-resistant. The exterior has a unique pattern. It’s a feature I appreciate. Why? It makes spotting your luggage easy on any carousel.

Stability matters. The side feet add to the luggage’s stability. They also provide shock resistance. If durability matters to you, this is a plus.

Interior and Organization

Open it up, and you’re greeted by space. Lots of it. The interior has a luxury lining and a dividing panel. The panel helps organize your items. Pockets? Yes, it’s got those too. Zippered pockets and mesh dividers add more options.

What if you overpack? No worries. The expandable zipper allows for 20% more space. Elastic straps keep your items secure. It’s a feature set designed for various packing styles.


Security is crucial. The built-in TSA-approved lock provides peace of mind. The luggage also sports four dual 360° spinner wheels. These wheels glide silently. Navigating through busy airports is a breeze.

Ease of use? Check. The push-button handle system is simple. The luggage also has reinforced handles. They’re on the top and side. These make lifting easy when needed.


Lastly, the warranty. It offers a 10-year limited international warranty. That’s a decade of peace of mind. It shows the confidence Bugatti has in this product.

Best Value:

Bugatti Nashville Collection 3 Piece Hard Shell Luggage Set

When it comes to value, a 3-piece set is my go-to choice. Bugatti’s Nashville Collection offers this. It includes a 20-inch Carry On, a 24-inch Mid-size, and a 28-inch Large bag. This set is a treat if you’re into hardside luggage like I am. And the Charcoal color? It’s a timeless pick suitable for any travel occasion.

Construction and Materials

The sustainable build of this model immediately caught my attention. It’s crafted from recycled plastic water bottles, which appeals to my eco-conscious side. Lightweight and damage-resistant, it’s built for durability. The metallic finish adds a chic touch. I like how it combines style and substance, offering shock- and damage-resistance.

Interior and Organization

Packing space is always a concern on my travels. The zipper-release expansion system in these pieces of luggage offers 20% more room. That’s a bonus for anyone who, like me, might shop while away.

Organization is top-notch. The luxury-lined interior has a dividing panel, pockets, and tightening straps. It’s a setup that meets my packing needs. For additional storage, there are zipper-closure pockets and mesh dividers. They’re perfect for toiletries, electronics, and even shoes.


The double-spinner wheels impressed me with their precise control and quiet rolling. In crowded airports, that’s a feature I value.

I also appreciate the adjustable telescopic trolley handle. The push-button system is convenient and user-friendly. It fits the height of both men and women, making the travel experience more comfortable for everyone.

And those reinforced top handles? They make lifting the luggage from carousels or cars a breeze. The larger models’ side handles are useful when dealing with heavier loads.


The 10-year limited international warranty is the cherry on top. It gives me confidence that these pieces of luggage are built to last.

Best Lightweight:

Bugatti Washington Collection 20″Carry-on Luggage

The first thing that struck me about the Bugatti Washington Collection’s carry-on is its elegant, simple design. Weighing in at just 4.8 pounds for the 20-inch model, this is a piece of luggage that won’t weigh you down. With two color options, Black and Navy, it suits different travel styles. The four available sizes are even more versatile: 16″, 20″, 24″, and 28″. For me, it’s the 20-inch size that hits the sweet spot.

Construction and Materials

What’s interesting about this model is its hybrid construction. It’s a blend of hardside and softside, using a mix of polyester and polypropylene (PP hybrid material). I appreciate the extra lightweight build and the flexibility it offers. Durability? Check. Flexibility? Double check.

Interior and Organization

The interior echoes what I like in travel bags: it’s roomy and well-organized. The signature-lined interior features a dividing panel, a lifesaver for someone who loves compartmentalizing like me. It’s lightweight and offers generous packing space.

Got tech? The interior accommodates laptops and tablets with ease. Practical pockets are aplenty, perfect for securely storing smaller items. And the tightening straps make sure everything stays put.


Now, let’s talk about mobility. The double 360-degree spinner wheels offer precise control. For me, that’s essential for those moments rushing through crowded terminals.

I also appreciate the two-step telescopic handle. It’s easy to adjust and complements the carry-on size well. The reinforced top handle is another handy feature, especially when lifting the bag into overhead bins.

Ever find yourself needing just a little more room? This bag has a zipper-release expansion system providing 20% packing space. That’s a win in my book.


One of the reassuring aspects of this luggage is the 10-year limited international warranty it comes with. Knowing that Bugatti has been behind their product for a decade boosts my confidence in this carry-on.

Most Durable:

Bugatti Reborn Collection 24 Inch Spinner

The Bugatti Reborn Collection 24-inch spinner luggage caught my eye immediately with its gorgeous Grey color—minimalist yet timeless. Weighing only 7.2 pounds, it accommodates travels lasting from 3 to 7 nights. Available in three sizes—20″, 24″, and 28″—this soft-sided luggage is not just a pretty face; it’s planet-friendly and exceptionally weight-efficient.

Construction and Materials

The Reborn Collection is a masterpiece of sustainability. Made from recycled polyester, the exterior shell is crafted from recycled plastic water bottles. It is reassuring that a product can be both stylish and environmentally friendly. Its sustainable construction doesn’t compromise durability either; the suitcase can easily resist scratches and tears, making it built for long-term use. The unique exterior pattern also adds a touch of personality, making it easy to spot on any baggage carousel.

Interior and Organization

Inside this spacious suitcase, I found a myriad of organizational features. The signature lining pairs well with the external design, creating a harmonious aesthetic experience. Practical pockets and tightening straps are at your disposal, designed to keep various items securely in place. And remember the zipper-release expansion system, which offers up to 20% more packing space when needed.


The Reborn Collection boasts some useful functionalities, starting with its 360° double spinner wheels. They offer smooth and quiet rolling, making navigating through busy airports less hassle. The telescopic trolley handle locks quickly with a push button, ensuring ergonomic comfort. Security is also well-thought-out; ring zippers are designed to accommodate a separate padlock, adding extra protection to your belongings.


The 10-year limited international warranty that comes with this piece boosts my confidence in the product. A decade of coverage indicates Bugatti ‘s commitment to quality and long-term durability.

Best Carry-On:

Bugatti Hamburg Collection Carry-on 20-inch

The Hamburg Collection by Bugatti is a Charcoal and Red Lacquer showstopper, embodying a high-end aesthetic in a convenient 20″ size. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, it’s impressively lightweight and seems ideal for travelers mindful of airline weight limits.

Construction and Materials

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts: this carry-on is crafted from 100% polycarbonate. The result? A luggage piece that’s both lightweight and highly durable. Its polycarbonate shell resists everyday wear and tear and offers shock-resistant properties. So, rest easy; your valuables are safe in this robust and durable design. Unsurprisingly, the Hamburg Collection falls right in line with Bugatti’s legacy of timeless designs.

Interior and Organization

When it comes to features that ease your travel experience, this model delivers. The telescopic trolley handle comes with two locking positions designed for your comfort. Reinforced top and side handles make picking up the luggage from any angle easy. The clever packing compartments within the suitcase include an expandable design. The zipper-release expansion system gives you an impressive 20% more packing space.


The Hamburg Collection takes mobility seriously with its double 360-degree spinner wheels. With eight wheels in total, the maneuverability is simply sublime. The telescopic trolley handle, designed for effortless pulling, adds to the ease of movement. Security isn’t compromised, thanks to the built-in TSA combination lock. Trust me; you’ll travel with peace of mind, knowing your belongings are safely secured.


Bugatti assures quality and longevity with a 10-year limited international warranty. Given the premium construction and feature set, this carry-on is not just a purchase; it’s an investment.

Best Checked:

Bugatti Oslo Collection 24 Inch Hard Shell Luggage

The Bugatti Oslo Collection offers a 24-inch hard shell luggage model that’s a compelling blend of elegance and utility. Weighing 8.34 pounds, it is available in two standout metallic colors: Navy and Silver. This piece of luggage seems tailor-made for those requiring a travel solution for 3 to 7 nights. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice for couples sharing luggage on shorter adventures, as the design is eye-catching.

Construction and Materials

One must recognize the luggage’s robust construction. Made from lightweight polycarbonate, it assures users of long-term durability while also providing significant protection against wear and tear. From my observation, the metallic exterior isn’t merely a design choice; it adds tangible resilience to the luggage.

Interior and Organization

The interior organization features are also remarkable. The main compartment is generously spacious, including a luxury-lined dividing panel and several pockets for enhanced organization. The suitcase also has a thoughtful addition of a wet pocket for damp items. Need more space? The zipper-release expansion system offers an additional 20% packing area, which is handy.


This model incorporates silent Hinomoto Japanese 360° double spinner wheels for smooth and quiet rolling. An added convenience is the push-button handle that locks in two positions, accommodating different heights. Top and side handles are reinforced, facilitating easier lifting—an indispensable feature. On the security front, a TSA-approved built-in combination lock is provided.


Finally, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty, underscoring the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Best Weekender:

Bugatti Washington Collection Underseater 18″

If you’re like me and appreciate a simple yet elegant design in your travel gear, then Bugatti’s Washington Collection Underseater Bag is for you. Weighing just 4.4 pounds and available in Black and Navy, this 16-inch bag is the epitome of lightweight convenience. What’s not to love about a bag that snugly fits under airplane seats and looks chic?

Construction and Materials

I was particularly impressed by the hybrid blend of hardside and softside materials. The bag features a PP hybrid material made of polyester and polypropylene, giving you both durability and flexibility. It’s like having the best of both worlds: a hardshell’s robustness where you need it and the soft side’s give where you want it.

Interior and Organization

I found the interior surprisingly spacious for its size. There’s room not just for clothes but also a dedicated slot for a laptop or tablet. The signature-lined interior comes with practical pockets that allow you to store essentials securely. It’s as if the bag anticipates all your packing needs.


Navigating through crowded airports became so much easier for me with this bag. The easy-to-use telescopic handle locks into two positions tailored for your comfort. The eight double 360-degree spinner wheels make for incredibly smooth and efficient movement. And when you need to lift it, the reinforced top handle is more than up to the task.


Let’s talk about peace of mind. This underseater bag offers a 10-year limited warranty. Its build quality and smart features make it a worthy long-term investment for anyone’s travel arsenal.

To wrap it up, the Bugatti Washington Collection underseater bag is a gem for modern, style-conscious travelers. Its lightweight and versatile nature and clever organizational features make it a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their travel experience.

Wrap-up: Bugatti Luggage Review

In wrapping up this Bugatti luggage review, it’s clear that the brand scores high on multiple fronts. From its European-inspired aesthetics to durable, high-quality materials, Bugatti offers a blend of style and functionality that appeals to a broad spectrum of travelers.

Whether you’re a business traveler or vacationer, Bugatti luggage aims to make your journey more convenient and elegant. With its competitive price point and frequent promotions, investing in a piece from this brand is a wise decision for those pursuing both form and function.

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