Bric’s Luggage Review: Is Bric’s A Good Brand?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
Bric's Luggage Review: Is Bric's A Good Brand?

Key Takeaways

  • Bric’s luggage seamlessly blends style with functional design.
  • Their use of quality materials ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Despite being on the pricier side, Bric’s offers commendable value.
  • The brand stands out for its craftsmanship and high customer satisfaction rates.
  • With Bric’s, travelers can expect a versatile range in both design and size.

Choosing the perfect luggage can be overwhelming, with so many brands vying for attention. Enter our Bric’s luggage review. Are you curious about what sets Bric’s apart in the crowded suitcase market? We’re about to delve into it.

Throughout this review, we’ll uncover the ins and outs of Bric’s offerings—from their stylish aesthetics to impressive durability. We’ll also see how Bric’s compares to other leading brands, giving you a comprehensive understanding of their stand in the travel world.

Pros: What I Like About Bric’s Luggage

  • Elegant Style: Bric’s luggage boasts chic Italian designs that stand out.
  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, these bags withstand travel’s rough side.
  • Smart Compartments: Organizing essentials is easy with their functional compartments.
  • Lightweight: Bric’s suitcases let you pack more without hitting airline weight limits.
  • Security: Their TSA-approved locks offer travelers peace of mind.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • High Price Tag: Bric’s luggage often falls in a premium price range, which may be better for those on a budget.
  • Limited Color Choices: Some travelers find the color options restrictive for personalizing their style.
  • Limited Authenticity: Despite its Italian branding, not all Bric’s products are made in Italy.
  • Mixed Customer Service: Reviews on Bric’s customer service are varied, with some reporting challenges in getting assistance.
  • Weight and Size: Some of Bric’s models might be bulkier and slightly heavier than competitors.

Is Bric’s Luggage A Good Brand?

When you talk about Bric’s luggage, you’re really talking top-tier. At the airport, Bric’s suitcase pops amidst all the other bags. Why? Those elegant designs, for starters.

I’ve browsed through countless customer reviews. The adoration for this Italian luggage is everywhere. Folks love how their items stay snug, no matter the trip’s turbulence.

Using polycarbonate? Genius moves by Bric’s. And for someone like me, who always packs last-minute souvenirs, their extra space is everything.

Sure, quality comes with a price. Rolling with a Bric’s? You’re shouting, “I know good luggage!” The occasional hiccups, like a quirky USB port, are there. But all in all? A traveler’s dream.

If I snag one for my next trip, that’s a win. Traveling with Bric’s is like sprinkling a journey with VIP glitter.

Brand History And Key Facts About Bric’s Luggage

Mario Briccola had a dream in 1952. Nestled in Northern Italy, he crafted the foundations of Bric’s – a brand that would redefine luxury travel. Initially, Mario’s vision was simple yet profound: tap into the beauty of Tuscan leather and create something timeless.

As years rolled on, Bric’s did not just remain a leather store in Lake Como. They evolved, blending modern design with Italian aesthetics. Today, when you see a Bric’s bag rolling through an airport, you’re witnessing over half a century of luxurious travel lifestyle.

I once stumbled upon their Bellagio collection while wandering in Milano. It was a classic combination, vintage-styled, and every piece screamed elegance. Honestly, it felt like the essence of Italy had been zipped up inside each bag.

Key Facts About Bric’s Luggage

  • Durability and Craftsmanship: Bric’s luggage, often handmade, boasts of sturdy polycarbonate exteriors. I’ve tugged, dropped, and overstuffed mine, and it’s held up impressively.
  • Function Meets Style: The ergonomic 3-stage telescopic handles make maneuvering a breeze. And those four double-swiveling wheels? You’re gliding 360° with style.
  • Size and Weight: From 21 to 30 inches, there’s a size for every traveler. My favorite, the B|Y Ulisse 21″, is a lightweight champion at just 5.9 lbs.
  • Warranty Peace of Mind: Trusting a brand becomes easier when they stand by their products. Bric’s offers a 5-year warranty on wheeled luggage and a 2-year one for items without wheels.
  • Price Range: Quality often comes with a price tag. Bric’s luggage can range from $130 to $900, but most loved options sit comfortably between $179 and $600. I once splurged on a piece from the Milano collection, and let’s say it was worth every penny.


The first time I encountered a Bric’s luggage piece, its quality and craftsmanship were immediately apparent. Their luggage collection stands out, not just in style but in substance, too. With sturdy polycarbonate shells on many models, Bric’s ensures resistance against the usual travel scuffs and scrapes. And the leather accents? They elevate the pieces to a realm of refined elegance.

But beyond aesthetics, Bric’s luggage’s durability is commendable. A traveler friend of mine has been using her Bric’s suitcase for years, and it’s evident that these pieces of luggage are designed for the long haul. Everything holds up impressively even under frequent travel conditions, from the reinforced corners to the robust zippers and the durable exteriors. It’s clear that with Bric’s, travelers are not just getting a stylish accessory but securing a dependable travel companion.

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Bric’s luggage is like the epitome of travel elegance. Every piece, from the Milano Luggage’s sleek design to the other collections, screams sophistication. The fusion of Italian vibes with modern flair is seriously next-level.

I’ve traveled with various brands, but the matte blue finish and leather accents on Bric’s luggage stand out. They don’t just offer a bag; they provide a wide range of styles, each brimming with meticulous attention to detail. And when you’re on the move, the lightweight design feels like a dream.

Look around the next time you’re at the airport, and you’ll spot Bric’s charm everywhere. Young, old, business, leisure – Bric’s design versatility speaks to everyone. Rolling one of these beauties around, you’ll travel efficiently and do it in style.


Bric’s luggage really stands out with its mix of cool features designed for today’s travelers. With modern touches and nifty details, each piece feels tailored for efficient journeys. And when do you buy that extra souvenir? No worries, the expandable capacity’s got your back.

Peeking inside, the luggage scores big on organization. Roomy compartments and zippered pockets mean you’re not fishing around for your stuff. Plus, those built-in pockets for shoes and laundry? Genius! Everything sits neatly, waiting for your next adventure.

But it’s not just about the inside. Those 360-degree spinner wheels, which might be Japanese-made, are a game-changer in airports. And the built-in TSA lock? During leisure travel, it screams peace of mind and smooth sailing (or flying!).


Bric’s luggage is designed not only for style but also for longevity. When you purchase their wheeled products, a generous 5-year warranty accompanies them. This commitment signifies their belief in the product’s durability and is a testament to their promise to address any manufacturing glitches with repairs or replacements.

For travelers who opt for non-wheeled essentials like handbags and backpacks, Bric’s has a 2-year warranty in place. It’s essential, however, to register these items on the official website to ensure they’re covered. With this warranty, travelers can confidently face the rigors of travel, knowing their trusted travel companion is backed by Bric’s assurance.


Browsing through luggage reviews, it’s clear that Bric’s luggage is scoring some serious travel points with customers. People love these suitcases’ blend of snazzy style and diverse functionality. The quality of materials is for more than just show, as many travelers find them sturdy, making Bric’s their reliable travel companion.

What really caught my eye were the comments on how lightweight these bags are. Imagine zipping through airports without that heavy drag! Users also dig the range of features that cater to various travel moods, from quick weekend getaways to long holiday escapades. It’s refreshing to see that instead of sticking with traditional options, many are giving a thumbs up to Bric’s as a solid alternative.


Bric’s luggage, with its fashionable choice of Italian travel bags, is costly. They’re part of the light luxury travel sector, which means prices for their suitcases can float anywhere from $130 to a cool $900. And if you’re eyeing their super classy Bellagio collection, that’s them showcasing the pricier end of their lineup.

Now, I’ve seen people wonder about the price tag. But here’s the deal: you’re not just buying a bag. You’re getting top-notch Italian craftsmanship, thoughtful features, and long-lasting durability. Many travelers mention that even though they initially splurge, the investment is worth it in the long run. Compared to other luxury brands, Bric’s Travel Bags hold their own with style and function.

How Does Bric’s Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

Regarding luggage, Bric’s has a special place in the market. They’ve masterfully blended strength and elegance. Seriously, their materials are top-notch, ensuring your stuff’s well-protected. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a suitcase that turns heads?

Comparing aesthetics, while other brands can be eye-catching, Bric’s offers something unique. They range from timeless classics to edgy modern designs. And functionality? They’ve got that down too. Their bags boast spacious compartments that are a dream when stuffing in last-minute buys.

On the pricing front, Bric’s leans more towards the high end. But from what I’ve personally seen and felt, the quality justifies the cost. It’s the kind of bag you buy once and use for years.

I’ve also done some digital window shopping, diving into reviews. I’m not the only one singing Bric’s praises. Many travelers love how these bags fit airline restrictions yet still stand out on the luggage carousel. It’s a perfect combo if you ask me!

Top-Rated Bric’s Luggage Suitcases

Best OverallBric’s B|Y Ulisse 21 Inch Carry-On LuggageJump to Review
Best ValueBric’s X Travel – Carry-On Luggage 21 InchJump to Review
Best LightweightBric’s Capri 2.0 21-Inch SpinnerJump to Review
Most DurableBric’s Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk 27 InchJump to Review
Best Carry-OnBric’s Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk with Pocket 21″Jump to Review
Best-CheckedBric’s Porsche Design 30-inch LuggageJump to Review
Best UnderseaterBric’s X-Bag/X-Travel 2.0 Pilot BagJump to Review

Best Overall:

Bric’s B|Y Ulisse 21 Inch Carry-On Luggage

When I first saw the Bric’s B|Y Ulisse Spinner Suitcase, it was evident that Milan’s sense of style had left a mark here. Designed for the savvy traveler who, like me, wants both a stylish appearance and urban efficiency, this suitcase stands out in the sea of carry-ons. It’s a statement piece that holds your belongings and mirrors your personality.

Construction and Materials

Constructed from lightweight Polypropylene material, I was immediately struck by its combination of robustness and lightness. It promises protection without the added bulk. And the exterior? Pure art. Drawing inspiration from Milan’s underground train maps, it’s like having a piece of Italy’s fashion capital with you.

Interior and Organization

Zipping it open, I love the look of two fully lined interior compartments inside, promising just the right amount of packing space. With added internal pockets, I could already picture organizing my essentials for a quick 1-3 day trip. And for someone who always wishes for just a tad more room (that’s me!), the expandable zipper offering an additional 1.5 inches feels like a gift.


But the Ulisse doesn’t just win on space or design. Its features, like a discrete hidden name tag and the built-in TSA-approved combination lock, showcase thoughtfulness in design. The four double swiveling wheels? They whisper promises of seamless airport maneuvers. The first time I rolled it, I could feel the difference. And the USB port? It’s a lifesaver for someone who’s always low on battery (guilty as charged!).


It comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Bric’s isn’t just making a product; they’re making a promise.

The Bric’s B|Y Ulisse Spinner Suitcase is more than just a carry-on; it’s a travel companion. Combining aesthetics with function, it feels tailored for travelers who appreciate the finer things without compromising utility. This might become your next favorite travel gear if you’re anything like me.

Best Value:

Bric’s X Travel – Carry-On Luggage 21 Inch

The Bric’s X Travel Carry-On Luggage collection feels like stepping into a world where fashion meets the functionality of travel. Among the five color options, the Camouflage variant caught my eye – a unique blend of style and purpose. Weighing in at a mere 5.5 pounds, it embodies what lightweight travel should feel like.

Construction and Materials

The luggage’s exterior boasts Polyamide with a protective PVC coating accentuating a satin finish on nylon. But what indeed adds a touch of sophistication are the accents crafted from genuine Tuscan leather. The bag doesn’t look good; it’s water-resistant and a breeze to clean, two features that, in my mind, add so much to its practicality on any journey.

Interior and Organization

Unzipping reveals an accommodating interior with generous size, decked out with two pockets that seem perfect for travel essentials. To top it off, the dual front pockets with zip closure promise added space, offering handy access to items you might need on the go. These features hint at ease and convenience when I imagine myself organizing for a trip.


Lifting the bag feels effortless, thanks to the lightweight aluminum pull-handle system. The four dual swiveling wheels glide smoothly, a feature I always prioritize for those brisk airport walks. Having wheels that offer such ease of movement feels crucial for anyone looking to travel comfortably.


Bric’s stamp of quality is evident with a reassuring 5-year warranty against any manufacturer defects. Considering the bag’s ergonomic design, the dedication to detail is obvious.

The Bric’s X Travel Carry-On Luggage Bag combines Italian craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, and pure functionality. This luggage fits the bill seamlessly for those who cherish the journey as much as the destination and wish to do so in style. I can’t help but envision it as a steadfast travel companion, ready for weekend getaways or business hops.

Best Lightweight:

Bric’s Capri 2.0 21-Inch Spinner

The Bric’s Capri 2.0 21-inch Spinner stands out with an undeniable air of sophistication. The matte black option immediately resonates with me, offering a sense of understated and timeless elegance. Weighing only 5.5 pounds, it strikes that coveted balance where sleek comfort and functionality converge, all presented in a highly sophisticated design.

Construction and Materials

Crafted meticulously from durable polycarbonate, this luggage promises to withstand the rigors of customer travel. The U-shape frame only adds to its sturdy foundation, assuring travelers that they’re investing in a piece crafted for longevity.

Interior and Organization

The inside appears thoughtfully designed for easy packing, with ample space for clothing, shoes, and other travel essentials. The retractable handle, coupled with lined interiors, straps, and zip pockets, makes for an organization dream, ensuring that everything has its place.


Navigating busy airports becomes a seamless experience, thanks to the four ergonomic spinning wheels that promise 360° movement. I can already imagine gliding through terminals with ease. For the security-conscious traveler, the integrated TSA-approved lock offers peace of mind, ensuring belongings remain secure.


Bric’s commitment to quality is evident in the design and features and in the assurance of a 5-year warranty. When I think of the Capri 2.0, I see a combination of elegance, functionality, and durability. It’s not just a travel bag; it’s a statement of style.

Most Durable:

Bric’s Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk 27 Inch

Whenever I see someone traveling with Bric’s Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk, I can’t help but admire their taste. With its elegant Cream finish, this luggage doesn’t just speak of functionality but exudes sophistication at every turn. Weighing in at 11 pounds and measuring 27″, it’s a prime example of how travel can be as chic as comfortable.

Construction and Materials

Its solid polycarbonate shell piques my interest as it promises durability and protection for every precious belonging. The full-grain leather trim adds a dash of luxury that I find irresistible. It’s not just a design element; it’s a testament to Bric’s renowned craftsmanship in leather products. Moreover, its water-resistant properties make me believe this piece won’t shy away from a drizzle, ensuring its radiant sheen remains untarnished.

Interior and Organization

On the inside, it’s an organizational marvel. The double-deck interior and the two spacious pockets are features I genuinely appreciate, making it a breeze to segregate and access belongings. The herringbone-patterned divider adds a dash of sophistication and offers a handy partition. This luggage could be the ideal companion for week-long escapes or business trips, catering comfortably to 5-8-night stays.


I’m always keen on security during my travels, and the TSA-approved combo locks on this model offer peace of mind. But what truly catches my eye are the Japanese dual hinomoto wheels. The promise of a smooth glide through crowded terminals or cobbled streets is something any traveler, including myself, would value.


Backed by a 5-year warranty, this luggage speaks volumes about the trust Bric’s places in its products. Every dimension and every little feature showcases a brand’s dedication to excellence.

For me, the Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk by Bric’s Travel Bags is not just a piece of luggage; it’s an elegant travel statement. The delightful combination of design and practicality makes it a top pick for those like me who can appreciate the fine balance between style and substance.

Best Carry-On:

Bric’s Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk with Pocket 21″

One glance at Bric’s Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk with Pocket, especially in its timeless blue shade, and I was intrigued. With a weight of 11 pounds and a sophisticated blend of form and function, this carry-on bag promises to let travelers jet-set in impeccable style.

Construction and Materials

This piece boasts a durable polycarbonate shell that I’ve grown to associate with high-quality luggage. The water-repellent zippers ensure your belongings stay dry, and the full-grain leather trim? It adds that touch of luxury that sets this piece apart. This construction makes it clear that Bric pays attention to the finer details.

Interior and Organization

The Herringbone and beige interior design strikes a chord with me. It’s elegant and gives the suitcase an airy and sophisticated feel. Perfect for those who want their luggage to look as chic inside as it does outside.


The large exterior pocket stands out among the numerous features that caught my attention. Imagine accessing your laptop, magazine, or tablet without digging through the entire bag – it’s a traveler’s dream! The added convenience of a USB charger connection for battery packs is just what modern-day travelers need. And, of course, the TSA-approved locks make the airport experience all the smoother.


With a 5-year warranty, Bric’s showcases confidence in their product. This suitcase is the right choice for travelers seeking an amalgamation of style, functionality, and luxury.

The Bellagio 2.0 Spinner Trunk with Pocket, from the renowned Bellagio Collection, feels like the ideal combination of durable construction and elegant design. The smooth-rolling spinner wheels promise easy navigation, and it’s clear that Bric’s Travel Bags have genuinely crafted a piece that captures the essence of luxury travel.

Best Checked:

Bric’s Porsche Design 27-inch Luggage

When you think of Porsche, high-performance and immaculate design come to mind. This ethos has transcended into their luggage collaboration with Bric’s. From the esteemed Roadster Hardcase collection, the Porsche Design 27-inch Luggage captured my immediate attention. Its emphasis on lightweight and volume prowess makes it stand out, not to mention the choice of five colors. The dark blue matte? It resonates with my personal aesthetic preferences.

Construction and Materials

Constructed with a lightweight polycarbonate shell, its resilience is palpable. The term “indestructible” springs to mind when considering its water-resistant and flexible nature. Those ultra-secure zippers? They speak of confidence in security while traveling.

Interior and Organization

Space is the name of the game here. The spacious interior offers two pockets and a double-deck organizer with a compression system. The heat-printed Porsche Design icon logo reminds us of the collaboration’s luxury foundation. And for those shopping sprees abroad, the ability to expand the depth by 1.5″ proves invaluable.


Functionality is at its prime with TSA-approved combination locks, ensuring hassle-free airport security checks. The Japanese ball-bearing spinning wheels guarantee seamless movement, and the leather handles? They’re a touch of ergonomic brilliance.


Backed by a 5-year warranty, it feels like a commitment from Bric’s to its customers. The expandable design, attractive design, and divided compartment mean ample storage space for all your travel needs. In essence, it’s the epitome of a luxury meeting function.

The Bric’s Porsche Design 27-inch Luggage feels like an adventurer’s dream. It’s where top-notch design meets practicality. If you, like me, appreciate the finer things in travel accessories, then this might be the luggage to elevate your journeys. Porsche and Bric’s synergy in this piece is evident, catering to those who demand excellence in every facet of their travel gear.

Best Underseater:

Bric’s X-Bag/X-Travel 2.0 Pilot Bag

Weighing in at a mere 5.1 pounds, the Bric’s X-Bag/X-Travel 2.0 Pilot Bag caught my eye immediately. Coming in a single yet captivating navy color, this bag is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that Bric’s is renowned for. Its compact design and ultra-light nature make it seem like a must-have for frequent business trips or even simple 1-3 days travel.

Construction and Materials

At the core of its construction is polyester, accentuated beautifully by genuine leather trim. Bric’s doesn’t just stop there; the bag is PVC coated with Polyamide and treated to provide a water-resistant finish. Such a combination indicates a focus on durability without compromising on elegance.

Interior and Organization

Perfect for a 1-2 day trip, the internal capacity of this pilot bag ensures enough room for those essential items. Its organizational capabilities also mean everything has its place, from travel documents to business attire. The additional pocket for tech equipment adds a touch of modern utility, accommodating the modern traveler’s needs.


Its features are what set it apart. From the ergonomic multi-step aluminum pull handle to the in-line double radial wheels, navigating crowded airports becomes a breeze. Is the large external pocket explicitly designed for a computer? A thoughtful addition, indeed.


Endorsed with a 5-year warranty, this carry-on luggage spells trustworthiness. This feels like a solid choice for shorter trips where one needs a mix of professionalism with compact functionality. Additional features, like the water-resistant finish, elevate it further in crowded airports or unexpected downpours.

Wrap-up: Bric’s Luggage Review

Bric’s luggage certainly shines in the market with its blend of style and practicality. Their use of quality materials and emphasis on durability makes them a reliable travel companion, while their designs cater to a spectrum of tastes from classic to contemporary.

While positioned in the higher price range, the investment in Bric’s pays off in the long run, especially considering its longevity and functionality. Like any brand, it’s always a balance of personal preference and needs, but Bric’s is a standout choice for many travelers.

FAQs on Bric’s Luggage

Does Brics make good luggage?

Bric’s makes high-quality luggage. Known for blending style with durability, their products are crafted from premium materials. Travelers can trust their combination of elegance and long-lasting performance.

Is Bric’s a luxury brand?

Bric’s is a luxury brand, especially renowned in the luggage market. Their products, known for sophisticated design and premium craftsmanship, occupy a high-end position. This Italian heritage brand resonates with travelers who value elegance and quality.

Is Bric’s luggage luxury?

Bric’s luggage is luxury epitomized. With their exquisite design and premium Italian craftsmanship, they cater to the discerning traveler. The brand’s attention to detail and quality materials make it a top choice in the upscale market.

Which country made Bric’s luggage?

Bric’s luggage is made in Italy. The brand, founded in Como in 1952, has a rich Italian craftsmanship and design heritage. This Italian touch is evident in the quality and aesthetics of their products.

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