American Flyer Luggage Review: It A Good Brand For You?

By Ariya
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
American Flyer Luggage Review: It A Good Brand For You?

Key Takeaways

  • American Flyer offers quality luggage at affordable prices.
  • The brand excels in softside options with various sizes.
  • Limited color choices and shorter warranty are downsides.
  • Luggage sets are versatile and easy to move.
  • Customer reviews often highlight durability and value.

When it comes to dependable travel gear, American Flyer stands out. This American Flyer luggage review will shed light on its notable contributions to the luggage industry.

From their deep-rooted history to their wide range of stylish and functional products, we’ll delve into what makes this brand tick. We will be open to areas where they might step up their game. Let’s uncover the story behind their designs and see if they might be the right fit for your next adventure.

Pros: What I Like About American Flyer

  • American Flyer boasts a rich history, dating back to 1974, showing their time-tested experience.
  • They’ve mastered the art of stylish design, making their bags a delight for the fashion-conscious.
  • Their variety of luggage sets provides many options for all travelers.
  • The brand’s focus on modern travelers ensures functionality in every piece.
  • Known for their durability and quality, you’re getting great value for your money.

Cons: What I Feel Is Missing From Their Luggage

  • A 2-year warranty feels short, especially when some brands offer up to a lifetime.
  • If you’re a fan of hardside luggage, choices might seem limited.
  • Looking for just one piece? They mainly deal in sets, which could be a bit of a downer.
  • The range could feel restricted for those craving lots of color options.
  • Some of their features are basic, especially when pitted against high-end brands.

Is American Flyer A Good Luggage Brand?

When diving into luggage, American Flyer is a name that pops up. They offer a wide range of luggage choices, notably their softside luggage, which balances style and functionality. Their selection caters to various needs, whether someone prefers a compact carry-on or requires more sizable luggage for extended trips.

One of the brand’s strong suits is its pricing. They provide quality at a price point that’s more accessible than some competitors. With a long-standing presence in the industry and various options, American Flyer is a noteworthy consideration for travelers.

American Flyer Brand History

Emerging in 1974 as a pioneering family venture, American Flyer began its journey in the luggage world, offering a fresh and unique take on travelware. Even after evolving into LongLat Inc., they’ve maintained their grip in the industry, continuously offering a wide array of options for every traveler.

Their reputation as a renowned brand is well-deserved, as they seamlessly blend stylish design with practicality. It’s easy to see why they resonate with so many. Catering to the modern traveler, they’ve focused on durability and quality, and I truly appreciate the passion they pour into every piece.

Having been around for decades, their experience speaks volumes. American Flyer is a formidable brand to bypass if you’re searching for luggage that beautifully marries function with style.

Key Facts About American Flyer

  • American Flyers offers high-quality luggage designed to withstand the demands of airline travel.
  • Their designs, from chic leopard prints to unique silver clover patterns, stand out in crowded airport terminals.
  • Each piece features practical additions like 8-spinner wheels, additional storage options, and spacious compartments.
  • The brand backs its products with a reassuring 2-year warranty.
  • With a broad range and fair pricing, American Flyers blends functionality and style in every model.


Whenever I come across luggage brands, American Flyers genuinely impresses me with its commitment to quality. Something is reassuring about knowing your carry-on suitcase or personal tote can withstand the hustle of airline travel. From the crowded airport terminal to the demanding airline regulations, these pieces are crafted for the challenge, promising reliability trip after trip.


One of the first things I’ve always noticed about American Flyers is their flair for design. Those distinct patterns, from the chic leopard prints to the mesmerizing silver clover models, catch the eye every time. It’s not just about aesthetics, either. The nested storage feature, which allows one piece to fit within another, is pure genius in my book. It’s as if they’ve anticipated the space constraints many of us face when our luggage is unused.


Diving deeper into what American Flyers offers, the feature list is extensive and handy. Those 8-spinner wheels? They promise the smoothest wheel performance, no matter the terrain. I’m particularly drawn to the additional storage options and spacious compartments. And the 2 inches of extra expandability? They know we all have that one extra outfit we’re unsure about packing but end up doing so anyway.


A 2-year warranty speaks volumes. It’s like American Flyers is saying, “We’ve got you covered.” And for someone who appreciates long-term investments, knowing the brand stands firmly behind its products is a significant confidence booster, especially when navigating the unpredictable world of airport security.


Going through traveler feedback and seeing many positive reviews for American Flyers is heartening. There’s a recurring theme: an appreciation for the sheer variety of pieces, be it a simple cabin luggage or a comprehensive set. From what I gather, the brand has managed to strike a chord by blending functionality and style seamlessly.


American Flyers strikes a fair balance in luggage pricing, where figures often induce a gulp. They offer a lot without demanding a fortune. Whether you’re eyeing a single piece or an entire ensemble, the value proposition feels strong, making stylish, functional travel accessible.

How Does American Flyer Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

When it comes to durability and quality, American Flyer doesn’t disappoint. In fact, the brand holds its own pretty well against other big names in the luggage industry. They use high-quality materials that can take a beating, which is something we all want, right?

What catches my eye about American Flyer is their sense of style. If you’re into luggage that has a little flair, you’ll appreciate their designs. Now, they don’t have a massive range of colors to choose from, but what they do offer is both tasteful and modern, much like many of their competitors.

Mobility is another box that American Flyer ticks off quite well. A lot of their bags have spinner wheels that make cruising through airport terminals a breeze. Some might say they’re a bit on the heavier side, so that’s something to consider if you’re trying to dodge those pesky airline fees.

Price-wise, American Flyer offers a good deal for the quality. They’re not exactly dirt-cheap, but you won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank either. The only minor hiccup is the shorter warranty period compared to some other brands. But given their overall customer satisfaction, it seems like most folks aren’t too bothered by it.

Top-Rated American Flyer Suitcases

American Flyer Luggage Madrid 5 Piece Spinner SetJump to Review
American Flyer Luggage Signature 4 Piece SetJump to Review
American Flyer Fleur De Lis 5-Piece Spinner Luggage SetJump to Review
American Flyer Luggage Pemberly Buckles 5 Piece SetJump to Review
American Flyer Astor Collection 5-Piece Luggage SetJump to Review
American Flyer Luggage Fleur De Lis 4 Piece SetJump to Review
American Flyer Luggage Fireworks 5 Piece Spinner SetJump to Review
American Flyer Luggage Animal Print 5 Piece SetJump to Review
American Flyer Luggage Silver Clover 5 Piece SetJump to Review
American Flyer Moraga 26″ Hardside SpinnerJump to Review

1. American Flyer Luggage Madrid 5 Piece Spinner Set

At first glance, the American Flyer Madrid 5 Piece Spinner Set has a beautiful design and great value for the price. The three unique color options and the versatile print truly catch my eye. With three spinner-wheeled luggage pieces, a wheeled duffel, and a personal carry-on bag, this set promises to cater to varied travel needs.

Construction and Materials

I’m drawn to the sturdiness of the Madrid set, paired with its lightweight feel. Full corner piping adds an assurance of protection, making me believe in its resilience through the many adventures of travel.

Interior and Organization

The fully lined interior strikes me as both practical and durable. Such a meticulous design ensures that all belongings are safeguarded and neatly arranged, which I always appreciate in travel gear.


The 4-spinner wheels stand out, hinting at easy maneuverability through bustling airports and city streets. I appreciate the added 2″ expandability, which is ideal for those moments when extra packing space becomes essential. The array of pockets, inside and out, assures me that there’s a dedicated spot for every item, from travel essentials to last-minute souvenirs.

Warranty and Conclusion

With a 2-year Limited Warranty backing it up, it’s evident that American Flyer stands confidently behind the Madrid set. The Madrid 5-Piece Spinner Set offers more than just luggage—it promises style, utility, and durability.

The American Flyer Madrid 5 Piece Spinner Set seems tailored for a diverse group of travelers, whether setting off on a brief weekend getaway or embarking on an extended holiday. With this set by your side, every journey feels poised to be as memorable as the destination.

2. American Flyer Luggage Signature 4 Piece Set

At first glance, the American Flyer Luggage Signature 4 Piece Set offers an appealing variety. The Brown and Navy colors immediately struck me as timeless choices. Within the set, there’s a piece of luggage for almost every kind of traveler: two rolling uprights, a rolling duffel, and a cosmetic satchel/tote bag.

Construction and Materials

I appreciate the attention to detail, especially the reinforced corners. They’re often the first to show wear, so the extra protection is a smart touch. The signature print and coordinating trim add to the overall polished appearance.

Interior and Organization

When it comes to packing, I value organization. The multiple interior and exterior pockets in this set seem like a boon. And who has yet to need a little extra space on the return trip? That’s where the 2″ expandability could be a lifesaver.


Though I lean toward 360-degree spinner wheels, the in-line skate wheels on this set seem efficient. Combined with the telescopic handle, these pieces can easily maneuver through busy airports and streets.


The 2-Year Limited Warranty gives a reassuring nod to the set’s durability. Priced at $170.99, it offers excellent value for money.

If you’re looking for a dependable, attractive luggage set, the American Flyer Luggage Signature 4 Piece Set is what you’re looking for. The lightweight design, sturdy zippers, and padding make it a worthwhile contender. Its distinct creation means I’d have no trouble spotting it among a sea of luggage at the airport carousel.

3. American Flyer Fleur De Lis 5-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

The American Flyer Fleur De Lis 5-Piece Spinner Luggage Set is a striking mix of functionality and style. Offering two color options, I lean towards the black one, which showcases a classic fleur-de-lis pattern. As someone who values flexibility, I appreciate that this is softside luggage. The set comprises three upright luggage pieces, a wheeled duffel, and a personal bag catering to various travel needs.

Construction and Materials

With its polyester fabric, I see why many would find it reliable in terms of durability. Added touches like full corner piping reflect thoughtfulness in design, ensuring extra protection. Its sturdy frame and lightweight construction stand out, making it evident that the brand hasn’t compromised on quality.

Interior and Organization

The interior of the luggage pieces is fully lined, offering a neat storage space. I appreciate the multiple interior and exterior pockets, providing convenient compartment options. The 2″ expandability is a real boon for those shopping sprees or unexpected extras, offering that much-needed extra packing capacity.


I’ve noticed that the uprights are equipped with locking telescoping handles and additional top & side carry handles, offering versatility in handling. The 4-spinner wheels on the uprights are a definite win for me, ensuring easy maneuverability.


The 2-Year Limited Warranty instills confidence, covering potential manufacturing or workmanship defects. Given the features and the evident durable construction, the American Flyer Fleur De Lis 5-Piece Spinner Luggage Set is a solid choice for travelers. And considering how easy it is to spot the baggage carousel, thanks to its design, it’s more than just about functionality; it’s about traveling in style.

4. American Flyer Luggage Pemberly Buckles 5 Piece Set

For the modern traveler, the American Flyer Luggage Pemberly Buckles 5 Piece Set emerges as an option that combines style with practicality. Offering two distinct color options – chocolate and green, its distinguished print makes it stand out, ensuring it’s easy to spot amidst a sea of bags. This set encompasses three rolling upright luggage pieces, a wheeled duffel, and an essential cosmetic satchel, making it suitable for short and longer vacations.

Construction and Materials

Crafted from polyester fabric, the durability of this luggage set is hard to question. Its design showcases thoughtful details such as full corner piping, ensuring added protection. The combination of its sturdy frame with a lightweight construction indicates that the needs of frequent travelers have been kept in mind.

Interior and Organization

What I admire is the spacious interior. The fully lined inside is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality. A unique feature is the interior zippered pocket, offering ample storage space for essentials. And for those who love staying organized, the cosmetic satchel, with its detachable shoulder strap and external pockets, is like a cherry on top.


The functionality of this luggage set is elevated by features like the telescoping handle and top & side handles on the uprights, making mobility a breeze. Additionally, the in-line skate wheels promise a ride that’s smooth and quiet – perfect for the hustle and bustle of airports.


With a 2-year Limited Warranty, this luggage set assures potential defects. The American Flyer Luggage Pemberly Buckles 5-Piece Set is worth considering for those searching for functional luggage with timeless designs. Its ease of identification on baggage claim trestles and its various features ensure it caters to all travel needs.

5. American Flyer Astor Collection 5-Piece Luggage Set

The American Flyer Astor Collection 5-Piece Luggage Set showcases impressive features, especially its three colors. The Black Purple, in particular, looks incredibly chic and is something I can imagine many travelers appreciating.

This collection comprises three spinner-wheeled upright luggage pieces, a wheeled duffel, and a personal carry-on duffel, providing a wide range of options for various travel needs. The quality of its color and material seems excellent and quite appealing.

Its distinctive design is stylish and practical, likely making it easily recognizable on any baggage claim carousel. The nested structure is a thoughtful touch for those valuing easy storage.

Construction and Materials

Delving into its craftsmanship, it’s evident that American Flyer’s commitment to quality shines through. I can’t help but admire the sturdy fabric and robust construction. Especially for those in college, this luggage set could be a game-changer. The protective full-corner piping is another detail that can’t be overlooked, combining resilience with lightweight efficiency.

Interior and Organization

The spaciousness inside is something many find beneficial. The interior, being fully lined, promises protection for all your belongings. The multiple pockets, both inside and out, could be a dream come true for organized packers. And for those always needing extra room, the expandable design is a great feature, giving that much-needed additional packing space.


With their 4-spinner wheels, the upright suitcases promise effortless maneuverability—a feature I believe many would appreciate in crowded airports. The telescopic handle looks user-friendly, and with the additional top and side carry handles, transporting seems like it’d be a breeze.


Offering a 2-year Limited Warranty, it’s clear that this set stands behind its quality. The range in sizes seems perfect for various trip durations. The American Flyer Astor Collection presents itself as more than just luggage. It’s a combination of functionality, style, and affordability all wrapped into one.

6. American Flyer Luggage Fleur De Lis 4 Piece Set

Two distinct color options immediately catch the eye when looking at the American Flyer Luggage Fleur De Lis 4 Piece Set. Each piece is graced with that elegant fleur-de-lis pattern. I can’t help but imagine how this set would effortlessly stand out at any crowded baggage claim, making travel more stylish.

Construction and Materials

This set is crafted from durable polyester and is ready for travel challenges. I appreciate the added touch of reinforced piping; those details hint at lasting durability.

Interior and Organization

Opening up, one is greeted by what appears to be generous storage space. I’m intrigued by the expandable suitcase design; it’s perfect for those moments when you shop a bit too much on a trip! The fully lined interior, combined with that zippered mesh pocket, screams organized packing.


The in-line skate wheels on the upright pieces seem like a dream for anyone navigating airports and city streets. They’d make those dashes to the gate a lot less stressful.


At first glance, the Fleur De Lis set beautifully blends style with function. Given its price, you’re getting quite a deal and hearing that it’s withstood the rigors of travel? That’s reassuring.

7. American Flyer Luggage Fireworks 5 Piece Spinner Set

Upon seeing the American Flyer Luggage Fireworks 5 Piece Spinner Set, I felt this genuine appreciation. This isn’t merely luggage; it’s a statement. In its alluring purple and distinct print, the set beckons with a promise of both style and substance. Anyone would be tempted to think: Is this the ideal travel companion I’ve been looking for? And considering its value, it seems like a steal.

Construction and Materials:

The design is an instant attention-grabber. It’s crafted from High-Density DuraPlex Polyester, evoking confidence for future adventures. The lightweight feel makes one wonder about the convenience of travel. The addition of corner guards on the softside luggage strikes me as thoughtful and practical, promising durability.

Interior and Organization

There’s something undeniably appealing about a luggage set that hints at impeccable organization. With an expandable feature adding 2” of potential space, I can imagine the packing possibilities. Interior and exterior pockets and fully lined interiors reflect meticulous attention to detail. It gives off this spacious vibe that many would appreciate.


With four rugged spinner wheels, the ease of movement becomes quite palpable. Incorporating self-repairing nylon coil zippers feels like a nod to user concerns. The easy-to-use telescopic handle and the smooth-rolling wheels enhance the product’s allure.


A 2-year warranty, in many eyes, is a stamp of quality and reliability.

To wrap it up, the American Flyer Luggage Fireworks Spinner Set exudes a balanced blend of style and utility. This set is a front-runner for someone keen on marrying aesthetics with functionality at an affordable price.

8. American Flyer Luggage Animal Print 5 Piece Set

Upon looking at the American Flyer Luggage Animal Print 5 Piece Set, it’s hard not to be instantly drawn to the leopard print. I’ve always believed that travel gear should make a statement, and this set doesn’t hold back. The five pieces, each with its function, resonate with the traveler in me who craves versatility. And the space-saving feature? That’s just a bonus for someone like me with a keen eye for practicality.

Construction and Materials

Regarding luggage, I’ve always prioritized durability, and the fabric on this set speaks to that need. The reinforced piping? It’s as if they’ve read the mind of anyone who’s ever fretted over the corners of their softside luggage during transit.

Interior and Organization

Space is always at a premium when packing; this set looks like it understands the drill. The interior zippered mesh pocket and shoe pockets are features I’ve come to appreciate; it’s as if they’re nudging us towards organized packing. And as someone who values ease, including recessed telescoping handles, it feels like a win.


Smooth, quiet journeys are what most of us yearn for, and the in-line skate wheels on this set promise just that. As for the telescoping handles? They echo my sentiments about hassle-free travel.


Seeing a 2-year warranty always gives me that added layer of reassurance. This leopard print set is a solid choice for those who seek style on shorter trips or even just a dash of boldness in their carry-on luggage. After all, travel is as much about the journey as our chosen gear.

9. American Flyer Luggage Silver Clover 5 Piece Set

The American Flyer Luggage Silver Clover 5 Piece Set Spinner undoubtedly comes to mind when thinking of a luggage set that marries style with functionality. This set isn’t just about offering a comprehensive range of 5 pieces; it’s that unique silver clover pattern that makes one stop and appreciate the sleek design.

I’m particularly drawn to how versatile the set is, considering it boasts three spinner-wheeled upright pieces of luggage, a wheeled duffel, and a carry-on duffel.

I’m also a big fan of luggage sets with nested designs for efficient storage. Hearing about its durability across multiple trips and seeing its competitive price point, I can’t help but notice the value it promises.

Construction and Materials

It’s evident at first glance that this set means business. With its solid frame and lightweight build, it’s built for the long haul. The full corner piping is a standout feature for me, suggesting that it’s crafted keeping frequent and leisure travelers in mind.

Interior and Organization

What’s not to love about a luggage set that simplifies packing? The thoughtfully lined interior, with roomy compartments and inner and outer pockets, speaks to my organizational side. These features might be game-changers for anyone who’s ever struggled with packing.


Navigating crowded airports or busy streets is a breeze with those smooth-rolling spinner wheels. And the inclusion of the recessed telescoping handle? I’m all for it.


A 2-year warranty seals the deal for me, showing a brand’s confidence in its product. This set might tick all the boxes if stylish and functional luggage is on the wishlist.

10. American Flyer Moraga 26″ Hardside Spinner

The American Flyer Moraga 26″ immediately caught my attention with its sleek unisex design in a classic black color. With a weight of just 9 pounds, it’s the kind of luggage that’s just right, especially for business travelers looking for something reliable. Being a hardside luggage gives that added assurance of its resilience.

Construction and Materials

It’s impressive how the luggage manages to be lightweight yet so durable, thanks to the ABS material it’s crafted from. This hardshell exterior gives a sense of security about the contents inside.

Interior and Organization

Inside, the two compartments provide ample space for all travel essentials. With a fully lined interior and two added pockets, it’s easy to envision organized packing. Plus, having that extra 2 inches of expandability is handy when there’s more to bring back from a trip.


Navigating through busy terminals would be a breeze with those 8-spinner wheels. Adding top and side carry handles means lifting is no fuss, and the telescopic handle ensures easy maneuvering no matter where you’re headed.


A 2-year warranty on this piece is the kind of commitment that brings peace of mind. For anyone seeking style, functionality, and durability in one package, the American Flyer Moraga 26″ might just be the perfect fit.

Wrap-up: American Flyer Luggage Review

In the vast landscape of travel gear, American Flyer has proven its mettle with reliable and stylish luggage options. Their rich history spanning several decades speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and understanding modern travelers’ needs.

While they offer a good blend of style and function, potential buyers should weigh the benefits of their diverse offerings against some limitations, like the shorter warranty period. Regardless, for many, American Flyer will be a top contender when considering luggage for the next journey.

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